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Online resources

Curriculum and Supplies
Homeschool Classifieds
A great place to find used curriculum at reasonable prices.
Ambleside Online
Book lists and schedules which fit perfectly with Charlotte Mason type education
Bible-based parenting and character training materials.
Veritas Press
Classical Christian education resources including live, online classes and a diploma program.
Home Science Tools
All the science supplies you could want! They also offer science curriculum and kits for some of the more popular science courses.
Bluestocking Press
A great source for books on business, economics, entrepreneurship, history, government, and law.
Rainbow Resource
This site has everything. Unless you know what you're looking for, the site can be hard to navigate. You can request their 1406 page catalog, or just ask Heidi if you can have hers. Free shipping for orders over $50. If you don't need that much, many people combine orders to get the free shipping.
R.O.C.K. Solid
Great selection, great prices, and great shipping policy (Free over $95, otherwise $4.95). Heidi recommends this site for new books.
Love to Learn
Another great curriculum seller that's been around for a long time. Family owned for 25 years! Also check out their other products -- toys and games, preparedness tools, and modest swimwear.
Homeschool Reviews
Read the reviews before you buy the books.
Greenleaf Press
Chronological history resources with a Christian worldview. Guaranteed twaddle-free.
Early Learning
Lessons and printables for the little ones
Coloring Pages
Coloring pages for the young people.
For New Homeschoolers
Homeschool Marketplace
This is the site of the former writers of The Elijah Company catalog which, for many years, was a Bible of sorts for homeschoolers. They are selling something, but also offer a LOT of sound and valuable information.
For Parents
Curriculum Listings
This extensive list provides contact information for pretty much all the curriculum companies and publishers you can think of.
Printable Calendars
Lots of formats, so you're sure to find one that suits you. They also have a lot of other printables, too.
Donna Young
Printables and tools of every kind. If I could only bookmark one website for such things, this would be it.
Ten Things to Do with Your Child Before Age Ten
Guidelines for early classical education
Education Normal
Ever think your kids will turn out weird? Here's an encouraging article for you.
Homeschooling Boys
Sometimes homeschooling boys is a whole 'nother ballgame. Here's a website full of folks who understand.
Radical Unschooling
This site is full of articles and information to encourage unschoolers.
No Thank You, We Don't Believe in Socialization!
An excellent article on socialization!
High School
The HomeScholar
Education, training, and support to help you homeschool through high school
Home Organization
Library Organization System
An interesting idea that just makes sense.
Teaching Tools and Printables
Art Projects for Kids
Great art ideas for elementary students - teaches about art while allowing them to have lots of fun creating! Also has downloadable murals for coloring.
Kinder Art
Free art lesson plans for toddlers to teenagers
Handwriting Worksheets
Make your own! Choose the style, content, and layout. Great for copywork!
Practice Clock
This clock can be printed on cardstock and attached with a brad for practicing time-telling.
Enchanted Learning
Lots of unit studies and printables here! Become a member for even more access.