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Applying for Membership

We appreciate your interest in GATE Co-op to supplement the home schooling experience of your family. This document will guide you as you consider the application requirements and process for GATE membership.

Please understand that GATE is intentionally and unapologetically Christian in orientation.  Participating parents must be a professing follower of Jesus Christ and involved in or actively seeking a local church.  If you do not meet this basic qualification at this time, we would love to introduce you to Christ or help you find a church in your area.  Please contact us as listed below.

Determine if GATE Home School Association Right for Your Family

To help ensure it is right for you, please take the time to work through the following:

First, review the Application forms.  This package presents the tenants of faith that we operate under and asks for personal information and references from you.  You must agree with the statements and be willing to provide the requested information.  Click to view the Application Forms.

Secondly, become familiar with our procedures, guidelines, and agreements, which have been carefully developed to help the co-op run smoothly while providing an equitable and reasonable experience for all concerned.  Your entire family will be expected to meet or exceed the standards presented therein. Click to view the current year Policy and Guideline Overview

Finally, pray for guidance and discuss with your family whether this co-op meets the expectations and needs of your family at this time.  If it does and your family is willing to participate within the parameters presented in GATE documents, you are ready to complete an application.  

Membership Application!

A complete application includes all of the following:

Family Information & Agreement Form
Statement of Faith (with testimony) 
Abilities Survey
Application Deposit (currently $65)  

For application deadlines, see Co-op Information page.

Submit your complete application with application deposit of $65 by check made out to GATE.  Submissions may be made in person, by mail, or email.  You may submit in person before noon on any day the co-op meets.  Submit by mail or email to the appropriate address:

Email applications to:  [email protected]

Send paper applications and all payments to:  GATE HSC    PO Box 2244,    Allen, TX  75013

An application for membership is complete only when all forms and deposit check are received by GATE.  For emailed forms, the application is held until payment is received.  Only complete applications will be reviewed and considered for membership.

Checks are held until the family is confirmed for membership and we are able to place your family in the cooperative.  You will be contacted when we accept your membership and you can confirm your commitment.  After that, your check will be deposited and you will receive information for participating in the cooperative classes for the upcoming semester.

If you have any questions during your application process or want to check on your family’s status, please contact us at [email protected].  Thank you again for your interest in GATE Home School Association Co-op.