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Government Funded Schools


What is "homeschooling?"

Edmond Home Educators is an affiliated group of the Oklahoma Christian Home Educators’ Consociation (OCHEC).  EHE stands by OCHEC’s definition that the term `homeschooling' is the exclusively privately-funded, home-based education and discipleship of children by their own parents or guardians.



What is a virtual/online school?  Virtual/online/charter/K-12 schools are public schools in your home. Online schools, whether charter or public, are still ultimately public schools at home because the government, through your tax dollars, funds them both. Because these programs are government funded, faith-based curriculum is actually not allowed to be used in spite of what some of these charters are offering. (Article II, section IV of the Oklahoma Constitution prohibits public money from being used to directly or indirectly support a system of religion or a sectarian institution.)


If my child is enrolled in an online school, isn’t he considered a homeschooler?

No. Once enrolled, the State of Oklahoma will consider you a public school student in one of their school districts and receive funds for your enrollment. When parents enroll their children in a virtual charter school, they forfeit much of their parental authority in connection with their children's education. While the children may be at home, the parents are considered "learning coaches" and have little input concerning curriculum and other decisions regarding your child's education. There are many other strict requirements, including certified teacher supervision, a fixed schedule, and state testing.

What is the downside of virtual charters and public school at home?
Children who enroll in virtual charter schools must follow all of the program’s policies and procedures, which include restrictions such as exclusion of religious educational materials as part of the formal curriculum. Parents who choose these programs must realize that in accepting virtual public schools into their homes, they are also accepting the bureaucracy and government supervision that is linked to accepting tax dollars. We believe in and support the right of parents to teach their children and their right to choose whatever method they desire. While we cannot choose for you what is right for your family, we want you to understand that there are strings attached to these government programs.

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) strongly cautions homeschoolers against enrolling in virtual charter schools. Many homeschoolers are seduced by attractive marketing and forget that virtual charter schools are actually controlled by the public school system. Should the need ever arise that a “homeschooling” family needs legal representation, HSLDA will not represent students enrolled in full-time charter school programs.

For more information on the position of OCHEC and HSLDA, click here.