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FAQ's about EHE Events

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding EHE Events


*How do events for EHE get planned?  

EHE is a completely volunteer run organization.  There are no paid positions and no perks for being in leadership or other roles within the group.  Every single event is planned and organized by a mom who is donating her precious time and talents to plan an event.  As a result of these moms’ generosity, sacrifice, and hard work, the rest of this group is blessed by having the opportunity to choose to participate in the fruits of these moms’ labors.  

*Who decides which activities are planned?

The only activities that get planned are the ones that someone steps up and organizes.   If no one volunteers to plan an event, that’s ok.  It really is OK.  It just means the event won’t happen.  Even if that event is an old tried and true, beloved EHE event of the past, if no one volunteers to run it, the event obviously isn’t needed at that time. There is no “list” of required events for EHE.  To sum it up, the events that occur depend on YOU.  

*What are the expectations of the moms that volunteer to plan an activity?

Anyone who volunteers to plan an event has a reasonable expectation to plan in a manner that best serves her own family and her own calendar.  She has a reasonable expectation to plan in her own unique way. As a result, the mom who is volunteering and putting forth her own time and effort to plan an event has the right to choose a date and time that meets her family’s needs.  It also means that she can plan it how she chooses.  Those who are doing the work get to make the decisions.  They are in no way required or expected to poll or consult other members before making decisions. 

  • EHE does ask that everyone check the EHE calendar to do the best they can to try to make sure their event doesn’t infringe on another event planned for the same age and gender.   
  • When planning an event, please run the activity by our Activities Team leader, Regina Dunn.  EHE does moderate our calendar.  Regina can help you with the calendar and other basic information.  

*What about the age groups and gender groups?  

If you are planning an event, you can choose the ages and genders that you wish to include.  There are no set in stone age or gender requirements for EHE.  If you are volunteering to plan an event, the choice is yours.  

*What are the expectations of my participation in events?

There are no expectations for your participation in EHE. You choose which events meet your own family’s needs.  Please remember though, the only events that get planned are the ones that someone volunteers to plan.   

When planning an event, feel free to ask for volunteers to help you.  Many times people are intimidated in tackling an event themselves but would love to help in a more limited capacity.  

Prayerfully consider your level of participation.  Each family goes through times where life gets the better of us.  Sometimes circumstances change and we are required to adjust our commitments. We all understand those times.

If you are willing and capable, please step up and plan an event.  That would be wonderful! EHE is a huge group.   We cannot exist as a group if a tiny percentage of people take on the burden of planning most, if not all, of the events.    When this happens we burn out our leadership and committee members.  Remember that their time is just as precious as yours.  When possible, give as much as you receive.

* What if I don't like the time, location, organization or other aspect of an event? What can I do?  What are my options?

This is an easy one.  We can all respectfully understand that each mom has the right to plan events according to the needs of her own family and plan in her own way.  None of us should try to impose our own needs, wishes, and desires upon a mom who is planning an event.  

As homeschool moms, we are all very busy.  Life has a way of getting in our way!   A homeschool mom’s time is one of her most precious commodities.  When any of us choose to give that precious time in order to bless this group, we need to honor the gift and sacrifice and support each other whether or not we choose to participate in any particular event.    We all need to be each other’s cheer leaders, blessing each other with kind words, respect, understanding, and love. In all things extend grace, courtesy, and respect.  

 If for any reason you are unhappy with any aspect of a particular event, choose to not attend.  Please kindly keep criticism to yourself as it is not necessary or helpful.  Instead, choose to step up and plan an event yourself according to your own family’s needs and desires.  There is no such thing as too many events in a group of this size.   If you volunteer to put forth your own time and talents to plan an event, you get to choose the event, the date, the time, the location, and all the details regarding your activity.  

* For questions regarding expectations of behavior at EHE events, please see EHE’s Code of Conduct. 


 "Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind."  1 Peter 3:8