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Standing Rules


Standing Rules

1.  Use of the Edmond Home Educators Support Group name must be approved by a Leader or Co-leader.

2.  Support Group meetings and official functions are respected time slots.  Nothing should conflict with these specific dates, or compete with these functions.

3.  EHE website will be reconciled yearly to current members.

4. Political affiliation: EHE does not have any publicly declared political affiliation; therefore, any forum posts regarding upcoming legislative votes or actions are NOT allowed.  The only exception is impending state or federal propositions which could potentially affect the educational rights homeschooling families.

5. Scholarships are available for membership only on an individual basis. Please contact the Leader, Co-leader or Membership director to inquire about a scholarship.



All members are required to abide by OCHEC Standard of Conduct. These standards are recommended, but not mandatory, for Affiliated Groups. The Standard of Conduct is as follows:

1. Maintain order and discipline of your own children and any other children for whom you are responsible, knowing where they are and what they are doing at all times.

2. Never drop children off and leave them unsupervised at any time.  If you are unable to attend an activity with your child, designate another adult to be responsible for your child; and be sure your child knows who is in charge of them.



1. Obey adults in charge of the activity at all times.

2. Be polite and show respect to adults in charge of the activity by being quiet and listening well when they are speaking to you.

3. Respect adults in charge of the activity by not arguing or talking back when disciplined.

4. Remain with the group when participating in any group activity.

5. Obtain permission from your parents or an adult in charge to leave the group.

6. Respect others by keeping your hands and feet to yourself, never pushing, shoving, or hurting anyone, even with words.

7. Present a neat, clean, and modest appearance which helps all to foster the focus on learning and fellowship.


FOR ALL: (including the adult(s) in charge)

1.  Persons attending and/or participating in activities, competitive or otherwise, must behave in a Christ-honoring manner at all times.

2.  No tobacco usage, consumption of alcoholic beverages, or profanity is permitted at any activity.

Violations of this Standard of Conduct will be handled according to the OCHEC Conflict Resolution Policy.  If the safety and well-being of the others involved in the activity require it, the offending party will be asked to leave the activity immediately by a person in charge