Baton Rouge Speech and Debate Club Baton Rouge Speech and Debate Club

Partnership Policies

Partnerships are a personal decision based on many factors and should be decided between the students and their families. Debate coaches will be available to help guide students and their parents in this important decision.

Partnership Guidelines

  • Seek the Lord first for His wisdom and direction!
  • Choose a partner in BRSD whenever possible.
  • The Partnership Survey may be used to help discern the best options. Consider each student's commitment and overall goals for the year as well as their individual personalities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Potential partners will be paired together in practice rounds during the fall term to give the opportunity to see how well they work as a team. Parents should observe these rounds whenever possible.
  • Once the final partnership is decided upon, there should be no backing out. the commitment is for the full NCFCA season.
  • All partnership commitments are for the school year only. The same partners may be together for more than one year, but neither partner is obligated to do so.
  • Trust God in what He puts together! Partnerships provide many opportunities for growth in teamwork, relationship building, communication and humility!