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The NCFCA (National Christian Forensics and Communications Association) is a competitive Speech & Debate league that provides opportunities for home-schooled students to learn and exercise analytical/oratorical skills from a Biblical worldview in a manner that glorifies God. To provide these opportunities, the NCFCA facilitates qualifying tournaments across the United States and a National Championship in June at the end of each season. For more information go to

Baton Rouge Speech & Debate supports the mission of the NCFCA by providing the training necessary to prepare students in each of the events listed below.


The NCFCA offers 10 speech events within the following three categories:

Interpretive Speeches - interpretation of a published work
(Biblical, Duo, Open, Original )

Platform Speeches – original speeches written by the student on a topic of their choice
(Biographical Narrative, Illustrated Oratory, Informative Speaking, Persuasive)

Limited Preparation Events - speeches where the student enters the room, chooses a topic and is given a certain amount of time to prepare and present their speech 
 (Apologetics, Extemporaneous, Impromptu)



Lincoln Douglas Debate

Lincoln Douglas Debate format is on-on-one debating constructed to create a clash of competing values rather than the adoption of a specific policy.  2016-2017 Resolution: "Resolved: Rehabilitation ought to be valued above retribution in criminal justice systems."

Team Policy Debate

In policy debate, teams of 2 students each either advocate or oppose a resolution that calls for a change in policy regarding a current political issue. 2016-2017 Resolution: "Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially reform its policies toward the People’s Republic of China." During a round of debate, a team of two debaters will advocate the resolution by proposing a specific plan to accomplish the goal stated in the resolution while another team of two debaters will oppose the resolution and the specific plan of the first team. In a debate tournament, each team will take turns advocating and opposing the resolution in a series of different rounds so that competitors thoroughly learn all the issues involved in the debate as well as the skills to either advocate or oppose a proposition.

NCFCA debate encourages a conversational style of debate and utilizes judges from the community (as well as debate coaches and teachers) in order to ensure that competitors learn how to communicate to a general audience.


An overview of the NCFCA tournament structure is available at Tournament dates are usually posted by November. Students must be age 13-18 on September 1st of the school year and home schooled at least 50% of the time to compete in NCFCA tournaments. The dress code for tournaments is professional business attire (suits are recommended). A parent or chaperone is required to accompany students to tournaments and will be trained to serve as a judge. Families should prayerfully consider their commitment level when choosing partners. Some families plan to attend all tournaments offered in the season while others attend only one. Each tournament is an opportunity to develop skills and receive valuable feedback from ballots. Tournament participation is often related to how fast a student progresses in their skills.