CHALC - Coalition of Homeschoolers Across Lancaster County

About Us

CHALC provides support to homeschooling groups and families in Lancaster County and neighboring communities. We provide the primary means of communication in Lancaster County for homeschooling activities through the monthly newsletter, the CHALC Scrawls.

We offer many valuable services to our member co-ops, including liability insurance, a county-wide graduation ceremony, HSLDA membership discount, and the Scrawls digital newsletter.

CHALC Board 2019/20


 Eric & Katie Walker

 Vice President

 Ed & Paula Montijo

 Recording Secretary

 Deb McNece

 Corresponding Secretary

 Amanda Bughman


CHALC's Vision Statement

As a service of organization, CHALC seeks to provide a vehicle to help advance the interests of home educators and the homeschooled as well. CHALC desires to reflect and represent these interests from a coalition format of homeschool groups. We are a representative association with an elected governing board where each board member serves a three year term.

CHALC desires to offer: resource information for beginning home educators; support through relationship building among home educators and the homeschooled; a working network to promote and facilitate combined activities, seminars, and information dissemination.

We hope CHALC, as a united fellowship of families, will also help in making a positive, life giving impact in the community where we live.


Contact Us

Questions related to CHALC can be directed to

Inquiries can also be directed to: PO Box 480, Leola, PA 17540.