CHALC - Coalition of Homeschoolers Across Lancaster County

Membership in CHALC

CHALC is an umbrella organization of homeschool groups in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The direct members of CHALC are the homeschool groups, not member families. A family does not join CHALC, but they join a CHALC member homeschool group.

As a member of a CHALC homeschool group, you have access to many valuable resources, including homeschool group liability insurance for publicized activities, a directory of evaluators, HSLDA membership discount, CHALC graduation discount, and The Scrawls newsletter.

Check out our member benefits:

  1. Monthly Newsletter- the Scrawls, including legal & community updates on homeschooling issues, news of interest to the homeschooling community, listing of upcoming student activities, and directory of evaluators
  2. Publication of your homeschool group's name, leader(s), contact information, and brief group description, listed in the Scrawls and on our website
  3. Liability Insurance for publicized group activities through Peerless Insurance Company, administered through Lehman Insurance
  4. Senior graduation ceremony at a discounted cost
  5. HSLDA membership discount
  6. Educational events & training seminars
  7. Member discounts at CHALC sponsored seminars
  8. Participation in our annual used curriculum sale
  9. Free homeschool group leaders' breakfasts
  10. Website for your homeschool group underwritten by CHALC through


For your benefit, the CHALC homeschool group application is now available online for you to print. Mail your application form along with a check made payable to CHALC, PO Box 480, Leola, PA  17540 and email your membership's address information in an Excel file to

"How do I sign up?"

Homeschool group leaders are responsible for registering their homeschool groups with CHALC. Individuals receive their CHALC membership through a CHALC homeschool group.

If you would like your homeschool group to become a member of CHALC, you must submit an application for membership.  The application is a download pdf form located in the left hand menu.  Download, print and fill out this form and mail it to the address below.

To guarantee that your homeschool group members receive all 10 issues of The Scrawls we must have their address information by June 15.  If you do not have a complete list of members by that time, submit what you have and as you receive new members into your homeschool group, simply email their names, email and address information to  Then mail the membership fees to CHALC, PO Box 480, Leola, PA  17540. 

CHALC homeschool group membership fees for the 2019/20 school year are $25 per family.  A new CHALC database is compiled every year.

Your homeschool group must submit a new application every year, if we don't receive your application/membership list/membership fee your homeschool group will no longer be considered a CHALC member homeschool group and will be removed from the homeschool group listing in the back of The Scrawls.

There are no refunds or credits for families that are removed from your group's membership list. 

If you have any questions, please contact