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 ~TEE ~
Tennessee Educational Enrichment

A homeschooling group based in Knoxville
with member families throughout Knox
and surrounding counties of East Tennessee


~Check us out on facebook for current happenings~

Thank you for your interest in TEE! Due to unforeseen circumstances, originally scheduled classes will not be meeting in Fall 2015.

We are not currently processing new memberships. Please feel free to fill out a membership request should you remain interested in TEE classes and activities in the future.

Again, thank you for your interest in TEE and Happy Home Schooling!

We are an inclusive homeschool co-op where the beliefs and racial, and cultural backgrounds of all members are respected. We value diverse perspectives and believe our differences enrich our world. TEE Co-op provides a consistent time and place for homeschool families to learn and play together. The classes foster friendships that are given a chance to flourish through regular field trips and social events.

Classes are offer hands-on, group learning in history, science, creative writing, the arts and are taught from a secular viewpoint. Enrichment classes are offered weekly for students ages Pre K-12th grade to complement the core academics taught at home. The classes have a Classical/Charlotte Mason flavor; teach history and science chronologically, keep the student in touch with nature and provide a literature-rich curriculum. Classes are hands-on, interactive, and academically challenging.  An annual progression through the grades will expose the student to a wide range of topics that are multi-layered in order to build on knowledge without repetition. Peer groups are separated into five main grade ranges:
PreK, K-1st, 2nd-4th, 5th-6th, 7th-8th, and 9th-12th.
At TEE, students are exposed to many cultures, arts, and forms of creativity. We also strive to raise awareness in our students so they can be better stewards of our precious planet. Involvement in our local and global community is encouraged through the classes, as well as the field trips. The hope is that each student will feel "big enough" to make a difference!