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TEACH Handbook

Teach Handbook  (revised 10-23-15)

A. Code of Conduct

  • Students are expected to display a good attitude, respect and courtesy to all adults (not just their own parents) at TEACH functions.
  • Possession of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or weapons is prohibited at all TEACH functions.
  • Anything that causes distractions in class can and will be confiscated by the teacher and returned after class or given to the parent. A third infraction of the same type may result in permanent confiscation.
  • Fighting is not allowed.
  • Children should be supervised at all times particularly during lunch.
  • Conflicts should be handled in a mature, Biblical manner. Problems should be taken directly and privately to the concerned individual(s) and not become an object of gossip.
  • Parents and students who are part of TEACH's co-op are expected to meet the requirements of each class as applicable. This includes parent participation when needed and all homework and projects.

B. Dress Code for All TEACH Functions and Co-op

Applies to both parents and students- Moms please note!

1. No skirts shorter than the top of the knee and no split in skirts shorter than the top of the knee.

2. In situations where shorts are appropriate, they should be at least fingertip in length. Skorts

are only allowed for girls 5th grade and under.

3. No clothing containing anti-Christian or occult text or pictures are allowed.

4. Shirts must be at least three fingers wide at the shoulders. No muscle shirts, tank tops, midriffs

or see-through shirts or midriffs are allowed. Shirts should not be low-cut or excessively tight.

5. If you choose to wear low-cut pants, you need to wear long enough shirts so that you can raise

your hands over your head or bend over without exposing ANY of your belly or undergarments.

Pants should not be excessively tight.

6. Dress neatly and avoid extremes in make-up, hairstyle and jewelry.

7. Dress code interpretation subject to the discretion of the coordinator of co-op or other TEACH function.

C. Communications/E-Mail Policy

This policy is intended to cover all postings to the web site and the use of e-mail to a distribution list of TEACH members.

  • The TEACH website and emails are intended to be the primary methods of communication for the TEACH membership.
  • On the TEACH website, there will be places for the announcements, calendar of events, items for sale and advertisements for home/personal businesses.  These will be moderated to ensure appropriateness.
  • We will use e-mail within TEACH primarily for the purpose of communication.  
  • Personal/individual use of the TEACH e-mail distribution list for mass posting of forwards, advertisements, grievances of any kind and personal messages is inappropriate. All group e-mails desired to be sent to the TEACH membership list should be sent through the moderator to ensure appropriateness and maintain privacy of members.

D. Responsibilities of Committees

These are brief expectations of the committees currently charged in the TEACH By-Laws. These descriptions are general at this time and do not limit the committees to items mentioned only.  Nor do these descriptions mandate the existence of the committees every year.

Nominating Committee –

This committee will have a minimum of five people (representing five separate families) and is charged with finding and screening nominees for the TEACH Board of Directors and will not need to operate year-round.

Duties of Nominating Committee Chair:

  • Once the nominating committee chair has been selected, the board will immediately notify the membership of the nominating committee chairperson.
  • Set up meetings.
  • Send an e-mail to the membership stating that the nominating committee is now accepting nominations.
  • Coordinate communications among all nominating committee members and the board.
  • Inquire that all board nominees meet criteria of Bylaws Article II Section II.
  • Present names of nominees to the board by February 1st for approval.

Nominating Committee duties:

  • Elect a chairman from among this group who meets criteria under Article V in the Bylaws and provide name to the board by November 30th of each year for approval.
  • Find out if current board member(s) would like to be re-nominated to continue to stay on the board.
  • Discuss potential nominees to replace vacating board members.
  • Inquire that all nominees to the board concur with the Core Beliefs of TEACH and are willing to publicly profess their faith and concurrence with these beliefs in an open meeting and by signing the Core Beliefs as stated in Bylaws Article II Section II.
  • Discuss with the board what positions (i.e. President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Representative, and Alternate) etc are to be vacated that year and any special recruiting needs for a new board member.
  • Maintain confidentiality throughout this process of nominations and content of discussions.

Communication Committee –

This committee is in charge of all formal communication within TEACH, which encompasses the website and e-mail.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Maintain a yearly TEACH handbook on the website that would allow each member easy access to the information that will help them get the most out of their TEACH membership.
  • Keep website current with information (i.e. dates and information of events, contact persons, minutes.)
  • Send out TEACH e-mail blast.  
  • Present information to media on behalf of TEACH
  • Designate a moderator (for screening TEACH e-mails) and a host for monitoring postings on the website (could be same person)
  • Have a member report or present a written report at the quarterly Board meetings

Membership Committee –

This committee is responsible for all matters regarding membership. When members join, their membership fee should be forwarded to the Treasurer and their name and address information should be added to the membership directory (unless requested to be anonymous) as well as all mailing lists (including e-mail).

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Make changes to membership form annually as needed and submit to the Board for approval
  • Process membership forms in a timely manner
  • Receive completed membership applications, review information, alert the Board of any received applications that did not meet TEACH criteria , send membership money to the Treasurer, and submit names of members to the Communication Committee to be added for website access and e-mail updates.
  • Work with Communication Committee to ensure TEACH contact information is readily available to the homeschooling community through avenues such as TCHomeschool Digest, area book sales, etc.
  • Have a member report or present a written report at the quarterly board meetings.

Encouragement Committee –

Volunteers will have their names, e-mail addresses, and topics in which they feel qualified to give encouragement will be listed on the website.  

Responsibilities could include:

  • Come to the planning meetings and work together with the committee for special projects.  
  • Have a member report or present a written report at the quarterly board meetings.
  • Notify communication committee with any information that needs to be posted to the website, or publicized.
  • Work together with the Activities Committee to plan an event.

Ideas for developing could include:

  • Develop a phone and/or e-mail list of people willing to encourage others privately in a specific area or as a prayer partner.  Have this list available to all TEACH members.
  • Facilitate Homeschooling 101 classes or Mom's Prayer Time classes during the co-op hours.
  • Organize classes or seminars for Home Educators on various topics such as organization tips, local Homeschool registration options, testing questions and options, curriculum and philosophy options, how to teach certain grade levels, etc.
  • These classes or seminars could be presented at various times including but not limited to: the TEACH Expo, after Co-op at 2pm on Fridays, or Mom's Night Out type events.

Co-op Committee –

This committee is charged with operating the TEACH co-op which includes securing a meeting site, determining fees, setting the calendar and class schedule, and organizing teachers, volunteers, classrooms, and curricula.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Acquire co-op space (review group votes, costs, cleaning, and other factors)
  • Send important information to Communication Committee for distribution as appropriate
  • Develop a team for Co-op Leadership to include: Facilities Coordinator, Treasurer, Volunteer Coordinator, Registrar, etc.
  • Have a member report or present a written report at the quarterly board meetings.

Yearbook Committee –

The Yearbook committee should have a leader who is passionate about organizing, teaching and photography.

Responsibilities include:

  • Organize a yearbook staff.  This staff should be comprised of students and other parents who are willing to work together all year to provide the best yearbook possible.  
  • Work with a Photographer and the Activities Coordinator to coordinate portrait sessions.
  • Willing to attend a variety of activities and field trips to obtain many candid pictures, or receive uploads of pictures to an e-mail from those who did attend.
  • Secure ads
  • Design and distribute a yearbook annually
  • Have a member report or present a written report at the quarterly board meetings.

Activities Committee-

There should be an Activities Coordinator that will establish a Team or Activities Committee to work together with planning (or delegating) Field Trips, Academic Fairs or Contest, and Regular activities.

Committee members should use the 'Field Trip Organizer/Questionnaire Form' when contacting other organizations to schedule Field Trips or Activities. All field trip/activity Contact names, phone numbers, etc. will be placed on the “Field Trip Log” that will be saved to the TEACH Drop Box file.

Activities Committee must communicate clearly and with good details to our members how to sign up for a TEACH field trip or activity and if there is a fee. They must also present the rules and expectations when attending an event.

Payments for any event, activity or contest must be submitted to the TEACH Treasurer within 2 weeks prior to an event. All activities will be a sign up through the TEACH website. If a TEACH payment check is needed to pay for the group at an event, request for that must be made 1 week prior by email to the TEACH Treasurer.

The Activities Committee should meet bi-annually to discuss the school calendar of events. The meetings should be held in mid-summer (to plan for the coming school year) and again in Jan/Feb for follow-up and budget request.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Planning the Annual Back-to-School Picnic (August)

  • Encourage at least two monthly field trips for Elementary, Middle and High school ages during the school year.

  • Host and Organize Academic Fairs. Encourage participation in Academic Fairs and Contest: Spelling Bee( January); Science Fair (February); Modern Woodman Speech (March); Geography Bee (Nov.); National History Month; etc.

  • Notify Communication Coordinator/Committee with any information that needs to be posted to the website with plenty of notice and details for the event, field trip or activity.

  • Communicate with TEACH Co-op(s) to ensure communication of the calendar events are shared with those families.

  • Have a representative report or present a written report at the quarterly board meetings. All budgeted items for Academic Fairs/Contest must be presented in writing to the Board no later than February prior to the new school year in August.

  • Future responsibilities could include:

  • Plan various other activities such as a field day, whole family activities, Couple’s night out, talent show.

Formal Committee-

TEACH Members Invited:

  • 9th-12th graders.  Students MUST be registered as a 9th grader by Sept. 1st and be 14 years old by Dec. 31st of the Fall Semester.  Purchasing a ticket under false pretenses will result in Formal privileges being revoked without reimbursement and the student will not be allowed to attend TEACH Formal the following year.
  • Parents and last year's Alumni
  • Seniors and Juniors may bring an outside guest.

TEACH Formal Code of Conduct:

  • Formal attire is required.  Gentlemen must wear a suit and tie, or a tuxedo.  Ladies must wear a formal gown.  All clothing must meet TEACH Dress Code.  No exposed cleavage, abdomens, or undergarments. (Spaghetti straps and strapless gowns are acceptable).
  • Respect for the facility and the facility's rules to be followed.  Attendees must remain in designated area for the duration of the formal.  No smoking, drugs, alcohol, or weapons are allowed in or around the facility.  Parents and teens will be responsible for restitution of any damages caused to the facility.
  • Music is pre-selected.  Do not bring other music to the Formal.
  • Please keep a respectable distance while dancing.  (need to see daylight)
  • The Formal is scheduled from 6:00-11:00 pm.  Teens are expected to stay for the duration of the Formal, unless permission by parents is given to do otherwise.  Teens need to be picked up by 11:00pm.

By purchasing a ticket, you agree to hold harmless TEACH, TEACH Representatives, and the facility, in the event of accidental injury.

PARENTS: Please thoroughly read TEACH Formal Code of Conduct.  Teens and guests are expected to honor the authority of TEACH Advisors and chaperones.  Teens and guests will be responsible for their own behavior.  TEACH Advisors and chaperones are not responsible for Teens that leave the facility before the end of the Formal.

Revisions approved 10-23-15 (posted revisions 1-7-2016)