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Sarah Melvin, Health and Safety Coordinator for TEACH, is currently working to create policies ensuring our organization keeps up with local and state recommendations for educational and religious groups. If you have specific questions about policies that are not listed below, feel free to reach out to [email protected] We will update this page as guidelines change. 

As we move into the Fall, TEACH Co-Ops are now virtual on Zoom. We hope our families enjoy spending time together in their virtual classes, despite not being able to meet in person. We will re-evaluate in person Co-Ops moving forward and hope we are able to meet in person for the Spring semester. If your family participates in any in-person meeting or social event with TEACH, they will be required to sign a COVID release form. This form is designed to list all family members and once signed, is good for the entire year and covers anything you may participate in, except Athletics. Athletics has a separate form to sign.

State and Local Guidelines have mandated individuals to wear masks in public settings where being in close proximity to others is anticipated, particularly where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Social distancing must be maintained at no less than 6 ft. The mask mandate continues until otherwise notified and includes anyone 12 years and older.  We understand that masks can be difficult to wear for some. The local mandate does list many instances where an individual is not required to wear a face mask. If you are unable to wear a mask, please be sure to social distance at any activity you may attend.



As some of our groups begin to meet, we ask leaders to:

1.   Consider the size of their group and size of the space they will be meeting or socializing in. When social distancing will not be achievable, please require masks according to local current mandates. When social distancing can be maintained, please stress social distancing of 6 ft. or more and strongly suggest masks.

2.   Keep a record of all individuals attending the event.

3.   If possible, provide a virtual option, such as Zoom, or notes of the meeting, to those that are unable to attend.

4. Remind attendees to review COVID questions listed below before they attend.

5.   Please have copies of Release Form for families to sign in case they haven’t brought one with them.



We ask attendees to review these questions below before attending:

 Do you have an unexplained cough?

Do you have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?

Do you generally feel unwell?

Do you have a fever?   

Have you knowingly been around anyone who has had COVID-19 in the past 14 days? 

(If you answer yes to any of the above questions, please do not attend)

Have you had COVID-19? If yes, have you been released from your quarantine?

Please print off and submit your Release Form at the first event you attend. It will be on record for the rest of the year.


Thank you all for your patience, understanding, and participation as we do everything we can to keep our members safe.