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Virtual Survival Guide

Virtual Co-Op Policies and Procedures

Virtual Co-Op Policies & Procedures

Fall 2022

Contact Virtual Co-Op at [email protected]

Students & Parents

  1. Students & Parents must agree to: 

    1. use Google Meet to attend class, free. 

    2. turn your video on and be visible on the screen during class. 

    3. mute your microphone unless it's your turn to speak or other instructions are given by the teacher. 

    4. raise your hand if you want to say something. 

    5. don’t do other tasks while the class is ongoing.

    6. come prepared and participate as you would for an in person class. 

    7. ensure your background is appropriate for a school setting. 

    8. wear appropriate clothing. 

  1. Abide by standard TEACH policies and procedures (Found here: https://www.homeschool-life.com/932/custom/20353

  2. Students should attend all classes and abide by the TEACH attendance policy. 

    1. TEACH policies specify, “If a family misses more than three weeks in one semester, they will be moved down the priority list for registration the following semester to register as a new member.” 

    2. We understand there are situations in which absences are unavoidable. If your family has extenuating circumstances, please reach out to your instructor and Director of Virtual Co-op, Christina Dishman. 

  3. Parents need to be present with any child who is unable to abide by the guidelines above. We understand that virtual learning may be a difficult task for younger children and expect teachers and families to work together to create the best possible situation for all participating in the class.

  4. A webcam, speakers and camera are required to participate in virtual co-op. Most desktop computers, laptop computers, iPad and tablets are equipped with the technology required. Cell phones may work for class but are not recommended due to the screen size. Optional headphones and blue screen glasses may also be helpful for your student. 


  1. Teachers must agree to:

    1. host classes using Google Meet.

    2. have dependable wifi.

    3. have a laptop, desktop, iPad, or tablet with a webcam, microphone, speakers and other necessary technology to conduct class.

    4. treat the class as a normal class-be on time, prepared for class & dependable.

    5. teach all scheduled classes for the semester.

    6. ensure your background is appropriate for teaching. 

    7. wear appropriate clothing. 

  1. Teachers will create their own Free Google Account and use the Free version of Google Meet allowing for a class up to 60 minutes. Teachers requiring a paid Google Meet Version will request it by contacting the Director and use a TEACH paid account. 

  2. log on and off on time for class.

  1. keep attendance log for class via rosters provided.

  2. Submit reimbursement to the appropriate treasurer in a timely manner as usual.

  3. Abide by standard TEACH policies and procedures (Found here: https://www.homeschool-life.com/932/custom/20353). 

Welcome New Members!

Virtual Co-op is designed to allow members to participate in co-op classes from the comfort of their home. Most classes meet live using Google Meet on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Co-op members volunteer and provide a variety of classes for kindergarten to 12th grade students. Classes range from simply for fun, full science units, full history units or for credit high school courses. Co-op Members have the option to enroll their children in as many or as few virtual classes as desired. You can even join virtual co-op in addition to in person co-ops! 

To participate in Virtual Co-op members will need access to a Free Google Account to use Google Meet, also free, and a compatible device. Most computers, tablets, or iPads will work if they have a webcam, microphone, and speaker. A cell phone may work but isn’t recommend due to screen size. If a cell phone will be used, it is suggested that the screen is cast to a smart TV or larger screen. Optional but helpful equipment for consideration are comfortable headphones and blue lens glasses for your student. 

Virtual Co-op has two class types offered; a live taught class and flex class. Most classes will be live using Google Meet. Students are expected to log on to Google Meet using the correct class code or link at the designated class time and day each week. The teacher and other students will be visible to your student and all participants have the ability to interact for the length of the class. At the end of the class, the teacher will end the class for all participants or students will log off. 

A flex class is a class which allows flexibility to complete and access the class. Teachers will provide details for how and when to access the class material. Students will complete the work when they have time by the due date. Most classes will have a teacher providing feedback. If there is not teacher provided feedback it will be noted in the class description for registration. 

Using Google Meet

Google Meet is free for students (and most teachers). If you have a Google account or Gmail account, you already have a Google Meet account. Students may join classes using a browser without a Google account, create and use their own Google Account or join using a parent's Google Account. 

From a web browser without a Google or Gmail Account:  Using a browser, go to the Google Meet Webpage https://meet.google.com/?pli=1 and insert the secure class code provided by the instructor. Follow the prompts to provide name and information for the class and wait to be let into the class. 

From a web browser with a Google or Gmail Account: Log in to your account and access the class by using the secure link or going to the Google Meet webpage at https://meet.google.com/?pli=1  and insert the secure class code. 

iPad, iPhone, cell phone, or tablet users:  You must have a Google or Gmail Account and use the Google Meet App. Download the free Google Meet App. Sign in with a student or parent Google or Gmail Account information. Access the class with the secure class code provided. 

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to reach out to virtual co-op at [email protected]