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Living Water Enrichment

Registration for Spring 2019

General Registration begins on December 20, 2018
LWHE support group membership is required to participate in our co op.
Please go to December on Calendar to pay $50 Family Co-op fee.

Our current location is: SHAWNEE BAPTIST CHURCH in SHAMONG, NJ!

LIVING WATER ENRICHMENT (LWE) is a cooperative and group learning experience for children (infants through High School) of LWHE members.
*Living Water Enrichment is NOT a substitute for the daily home education of your child and it is NOT a school.

There are two semesters each year. The first semester runs from September through December and Second semester runs January through May. Classes are held on Mondays. Class times begin at 8:30am and end at 3:00pm.  Elementary (8th grade and down) meet 10 weeks each semester.  High School classes will require additional weeks each semester.

Welcome to Our NEW ONLINE Registration Process!
Members, please log in to read the Registration Procedures.

Not a member? Preview the LWE class schedule here.


  • You can sign up for classes in your home without needing to go anywhere.
  • Payment is done online through Paypal and you can use a major credit card.
  • Keeping track of what you signed your children up for is now at YOUR fingertips.
  • Communications with Teachers will be quick and easy.


  • The LWE co-op environment is not equipped to handle special needs children & struggling learners, as most volunteer moms/teachers are untrained in this area.  However, we want everyone to feel welcome and to have a positive experience at LWE.  Please take time to speak directly with the teachers/facilitators in the classes where you hope to place your child before registering.  This can help you decide what is best for your student.


LWE offers classes for children in grades K-12th.
We understand that one of the benefits to homeschooling is being able to match our children's grade with their age and stage.  As a learning co-operative that serves many families at differing levels we are at a place where we need to set some standards.

Elementary - 1st-5th 
Middle School - 6th-8th 
High School - 9th-12th

There have been occasions when an advanced 8th grader is interested in taking a High School class.  The following criteria is required.

1. Must be 13 years old by September 1st.
2. Meet course prerequisites.
3. High School Students are given priority.
4. At the teacher's discretion.
5. A Parent must be available to remain on premises and volunteer.

The following are other considerations that may be requested to determine eligibility.

1. Teacher Invitation
2. Placement Test
3. Teacher Recommendation
4. Parent Recommendation

*If a 9th grader wishes to take a middle school class they may do so at the discretion of the teacher.

NOTE:  Remember students may not be double registered so you run the risk of losing placement in a middle school class while waiting to see if a space is available for a high school course.


  • If the class you have chosen is filled you should choose an alternate class for your child. You may contact the teacher directly to see if your child can be added to the class as class sizes are set by individual teachers.  You have the ability to check your own class registration as often as you would like so you will be able to see if your child is in the class of your choice.


  • We need everyone's help to pull off an excellent co-op.
  • You are to choose your Volunteer positions when you register for classes.
  • You may need to switch volunteer assignment(s) to accommodate the needs of the co-op.
  • You are responsible for carrying these duties out and should be readily available to assist wherever needed.
  • Volunteer positions are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Teachers may request specific Moms to assist in their classes.  Teacher requests are met prior to form requests.
  • No high school drop-offs allowed. An adult family member must volunteer for at least 1 hour at co-op. If your student takes more than one class, you must volunteer for at least 2 hours at co-op.
  • Please contact Renee Barge at with any questions.


LWE student fee = $50 per semester/per family.

Each class may also have its own fee for copies and supplies.
Please carefully check the class information before registering.
Payments go directly to the teachers via CASH on the first day or via PAYPAL prior to the first day of class.


If you are have questions and would like to take a tour of LWE please contact Andrea Thorpe at We need at least one week's notice before the day you would like to visit.  Tours are typically given on regular co-op days at 10:30am. Students may observe a class.  We would need advanced notice, so we can inform teacher before your arrival. Looking forward to meeting you!