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Who We Are

Our Beginnings:

Dan and Sue Hurst, parents to three young sons, were called to start this group when they felt God urging them to do so back in 1993. Their two oldest boys named the group when they were little. The 6-year old came up with "Living Basement" and the 3-year old, standing in a puddle, and looked up and said "water", hence, the name Living Water.  With the help of Mira and Ken Diaz and Ken an Kathie Donaldson the group became official in the spring of 1994.
During the first year, the Williams, Ryder, Carr and Reynolds families also joined Living Water. Through their determination and devotion to work together, they achieved their common goal of providing a quality Christian education for their children. Other families soon followed in their footsteps.  The Living Water community is thankful for our founding members and we remain forever grateful for their obedience to God and their support of the homeschool community!

LWHE Today:

Today LWHE is a non-profit, volunteer-run, Christian support group with over 150 local families.  Our member demographic is comprised of a variety of homeschool methodologies, learning modalities, gifts and talents, and ethnicity with one common goal:  to provide their children with the best possible educational opportunities from home.  To that end, LWHE’s mission is to:

"Support member homeschool families in the Burlington County and other nearby counties in New Jersey, with children from K to 12th grade, by establishing a community of home educators who can share experiences and assist one another in home education.  LWHE is a support group; it is not a school or a substitute for a homeschool."

Please feel free to contact our Group Leaders with any questions.