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Curriculum Sale Registration Form

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Heritage Family Educators

1st Annual Homeschool Curriculum Trunk Sale

WHEN: Monday, June 11th from 10AM to 2PM

WHERE: Lincoln Hills Christian Church, 1130 Dale Ave., Corydon, IN 47112

Click here for a printable version fo the event details. 

IMPORTANT: This form is best filled out on an android device or computer. We've had some issues with iPhone sign ups. 

RAIN OR SHINE: Sale will be moved inside if there is a significant chance of rain.

Culver's Fundraiser for HFE Same Day: Stop by Culvers for lunch or after the sale and tell them HFE sent you.

Donations: If you have curriculum or other approved sale items you don’t wish to sell yourself, HFE is now accepting these donations. We will provide you with a letter of acknowledgement for your taxes if you have a significant donation.  If you need a tax receipt, provide us with a list, typed and emailed, of books donated along with their resale value. You can find resale value on sites like Amazon, Ebay, or homeschoolclassifieds.com We will not accept donations after the event. We have limited storage space.


Registration Form


$10 per sale space - Nonrefundable

Sales Space

If outside, this includes a parking space for your car and a parking space sized area directly behind your car.  Spaces are 8.5ft x 16ft.

If inside, this will be the width of 1 table you provide per registered space, plus a body width to pass through on either side, and 6 feet behind you.

If you reserve more than one space, please use it for sales, not extra area to spread out. Since space is limited, we want to give as many people an opportunity to sell as possible.


Deadline to register is June 4th 10th, 2018  --- Deadline extended

Limited space. First come first serve. Late Registration allowed up to June 8th, 2018, but payment must be via PayPal. No checks after June 4th. Registrations not received by the 8th will be cancelled.  


Accepted Payments: Credit/Debit cards, PayPal Account payments, and checks.

When you register online you will be redirected to PayPal where you may pay with a credit/debit card or PayPal account.

We accept checks.  Send email to heritagefamilyeducators@gmail.com and we will provide you with the address.

We do not accept cash for registration.

Registration is not confirmed until payment is received if paying with a check. No cash.

Confirmation Letter

Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation letter by email. Print this and bring with you the day of the sale.

Sale Items

Items Allowed

  • All curriculum
  • Supplemental materials (i.e. fiction/non fiction books, DVDs, CDs, games)
  • Teaching Resources (i.e. maps, math manipulatives, flash cards)
  • Classroom Equipment and Furniture (i.e. microscopes, whiteboards, desks, bookcases)

Items NOT Allowed

  • Housewares
  • Automotive
  • Furniture (i.e. couches, dining tables, bed
  • Clothing
  • Food/Beverages
  • Personal Care
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Commercial Sales (i.e. Mary Kay, 31, DoTerra, Norwex)

Sale Day


Sellers may arrive starting at 9AM. Sale starts at 10AM.

Sale Space

Present your confirmation letter at the sale area entrance. You will be directed to your reserved space(s).


HFE will not provide tables or chairs for this event. You must bring your own and they must stay within your sale area.


HFE will have a food booth set up with beverages and prepackaged snacks. We will also be having a Culver’s fundraiser the same day, so please take your flyer with you and let the cashier know you want a portion of your bill to be given to HFE that day.

You may bring your own food/drink if outside. Please clean up after yourself.

If inside, you may use the fellowship hall for dining and sealed bottles and containers may be used in the sale area.


Canopies should be no larger than 10 x 10.  Make sure to bring items to tie or weigh them down as you will be on pavement, not grass.


Bathrooms will be available inside.


Children must be attended at all times.

Clean Up

You are responsible for cleaning up your own space. Please do not leave any sales items behind. HFE is not accepting donations from this sale.

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Last Name

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First Name

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E-mail Address


Did an HFE member refer you?  Help them get a free spot by providing their name.


Leave notes for the event coordinator. Will you need special accomidations? Did you/will you reserve more than one space?  


When you submit this form you will be redirected to a payment page.  We accept credit/debit cards, PayPal accounts, and checks. No cash.