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We appreciate your interest in enrolling in SMIC Academy.  We will contact you via email on or before May 1st of each year to remind you that our enrollment period is open and to ask if you are still interested in enrolling.  Once you respond, you will be sent our New Family Enrollment packet to begin the process.

If you are a member of SMCC, please go back to our How to Enroll page for instructions on mid-year enrollment.

It is your responsibility to update your email address with us, or to unsubscribe from this mailing list if you are no longer interested.  This list is strictly for information regarding our Academy.  You may receive notices regarding our offerings, perhaps 3-5 times per year. We will not sell your information.

To complete your sign-up today, you must respond to a confirmation email. We reserve the right to remove your name from our list if you have not enrolled within three years of signing up for this mailing list or if you fail to confirm your signup.  

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