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What is a Tutorial? lists tutorial in its noun form to mean:
“a class in which an instructor gives intensive instruction in some subject to an individual student or small group of students.”


A tutorial is a fee-for-service class offered by an individual teacher serving as an independent contractor, a group of parents who have retained a teacher as an independent contractor, a group of teachers in a co-operative arrangement, or an organization hiring teachers and then charging student-participants for a class. Teachers can be parents/professionals with an interest and expertise in the subject or certified teachers (who may also be home-educating parents.) Tutorials may be full courses or a portion of a course (eg the writing portion of a high school English course).  The Tutorial links on SMIC Academy website are classroom opportunities offered in the metro-Birmingham, Alabama area.  This section of our website is maintained as a benefit to home educating families in our service area.   Because classes are added and deleted as enrollment fills, parents are encouraged to visit the individual tutorial provider sites to see what has changed.


The role of the student and parent vary with the tutorial. Some tutorials offer complete service including testing, grading and certificates of completion, while others may expect some teaching or grading by the parent. Most tutorials meet weekly or biweekly with at-home assignments for independent study by the student.


SMIC Academy Tutorials are semester-based classes and predominantly at the collegeprep level for 7th-12th grade. Most meet weekly but a few meet biweekly.   Most will be full by the middle of August.  Others may be added in November/Dec for Spring classes.  

"Other Tutorials "  lists various providers of homeschool tutorial classes for a wide variety of ages in the metro-Birmingham area.  Some tutorial programs are for all grade levels K-12 (eg. McWane Science Center). Others serve a single grade or grade range  4-12, 7-9, or 10-12 or 9-12.  


SMIC Academy makes no claim as to the quality of the class or qualifications of individual teachers in every tutorial listed on our site. At this time we do not list individually sponsored tutorials, but only those organized by church schools, parent co-operatives or educational organizations serving the general public. It is the responsibility of each parent to evaluate the course content and teacher qualifications with regard to their family’s convictions and their children’s needs.


Parents who are interested in online tutorials are encouraged to look at the "Online Schooling Options" link on the left navigation bar found above the "Tutorial" link. There are many individual courses and entire high school curricula that can be accomplished by the motivated student in the educational on-line community.  Some of these programs are full-service and some are also AdvanceEd/Regionally (SACS, NCA etc) accredited schools.  Others offer individual courses that are general high school or college prep level.  Please note that Homeschool Legal Defense Association says that even if you are enrolled in a full service accredited online distance education program, that it is still necessary for you to enroll in a church school providing accountability to homeschool educators because the distance education program does not meet the definition of "Local" Church School required by current state law (Aug 22, 2013).