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What is a Tutorial? lists tutorial in its noun form to mean:
“a class in which an instructor gives intensive instruction in some subject to an individual student or small group of students.”

A tutorial is a fee-for-service class.  Tutorial programs or co-ops are class providers, not cover schools, although many cover schools have a tutorial program.  Most cover schools in Alabama do not require students to take any courses outside the home. 

Teachers can be parents/professionals with an interest and expertise in the subject or certified teachers (who may also be home-educating parents.) Tutorials may be full courses or a portion of a course (eg the writing portion of a high school English course).  

The role of the student and parent vary with each tutorial. Some tutorials offer complete service including testing, grading, and certificates of completion; while others may expect some teaching or grading by the parent. Most tutorials meet weekly or biweekly with at-home assignments for independent study by the student.
“Other Tutorials and Classes” lists various providers of homeschool tutorial classes for a wide variety of ages in the metro-Birmingham area. 

Parents who are interested in online tutorials are encouraged to look at the "Online Schooling Options" tab.