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High School Diploma Requirements

*High school students transferring into SMIC Academy from another high school program (including public schools, church schools, and home-based private schools) will need a transcript from their prior school. Please let us know if you need assistance with this. A SMICA transcript will indicate which courses were taken while enrolled at prior schools.

As a Church School in Alabama, our course requirements are not mandated to be the same as the state public school course of study. We do not require specific course titles within each core to satisfy our requirements. Enrolled students should consult our policy manual for more details.

However, if you are planning to enter a public high school after being enrolled in SMIC Academy in any of the high school years, you may want to consider following the Alabama Course of Study (plus Bible as required by SMIC Academy).

SMICA families are encouraged to be intentional about the spiritual and educational training of their children, discussing with them and planning for adulthood, family life and work. Parents should provide the most academically rigorous education that their family and children are capable of accomplishing regardless of their post-secondary plans.


SMIC Academy Graduation Requirements (courses taken in 9th-12th)

Core Subject

Required for Diploma


4 credits


4 credits


2-3 credits (courses below Algebra 1 or 1A do not satisfy)

(4 credits recommended for college prep)

Social Studies

4 credits


3-2 credits

(must include at least one life w/lab and one physical w/lab)

(4 credits recommended for college prep)

Physical Education

1 credit


0.5 credit

Computer Applications

0.5 credit

Foreign Lang

0 credits

(2 credits recommended for college prep)

Fine Arts

0 credits

(0.5 credit recommended for college prep)

Career Prep



3-5 credits




Please note that while the General Diploma satisfies the minimum graduation requirement for SMIC Academy, colleges vary in their requirements for admission.  Some colleges have more requirements, and some have fewer.  It is the parents’ responsibility to be aware of their child’s post-high school direction and plan accordingly.

A credit is granted for the completion of a year of course work in a subject. The Alabama Course of Study defines a year of course work as 140 hours of teaching or contact time. Half-credits are granted for courses that are only one semester or 70 hours. SMIC Academy offers 0.5 credits for selected dual enrollment courses (college 100-level).

Before a senior is awarded a diploma, the registrar must have final grades, attendance forms and all fees must be paid.

A Certificate of Completion will be offered to those students who do not meet the minimum academic requirements for the general diploma. This will be awarded after consultation between parents/faculty and SMIC Academy administration.