National Geography Bee 2020

SMIC Academy is hosting a site for the 2020 National Geography Bee
for homeschooled students 
from Jefferson County and surrounding counties.

When:  Wednesday January 8, 2020 (10:00-10:15AM registration) 10:30AM -12:00 PM Bee Rounds
Who:  Any homeschooled student in 4th-8th grade (and under 15 on September 1, 2019) from Alabama
Location: The Chapel at Shades Mountain Community Church, 2281 Old Tyler Road, Birmingham, AL 35226 (in Bluff Park, Hoover)
Cost:  $6 per student (registered by Jan 3, pay by mail); $8 per student (registered at the door)

For more information about the National Geo Bee and rules please go to:
The Study section has 10 daily questions that are the types of questions your children will encounter in the local level Geo Bee.  There are also several other resources on this page.

Participation in the National Geography Bee can be an enriching experience for your child. SMIC Academy is pleased to host a local Jefferson County Homeschool National Geography Bee for 2020. SMIC Academy is providing the NGS Registration and Bee Materials, location, set up, communications, a moderator, scorekeeper, timer and paper goods for food*. Student registration fees will help defer these costs and provide cash awards to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. The winner of this bee will be eligible to take the online test provided by the National Geographic Society, which, after scoring by the NGS can qualify a student for the State Geography Bee.

If you would like to pre-register, please click here to SIGN UP online.  You may download and fill out the registration form below and mail your check to the address given. Contact for any questions. You may also pay at the door for a slightly higher fee.

Please be on time. Rules limit interruptions in a round, and you will have to wait to enter the room between rounds.

* If you would like to participate in an “International Food Fest” following the bee please bring a home-made snack or something interesting from one of the many international food and grocery stores in your area.

Online Sign Up  - (same link as above)

REGISTRATION FORM - (paper version) download, fill out, and send in (1 page)

GeoBee Study Toolkit - download or view (13 pages)

Resources for GeoBee preparation - download or view a list of web links (1 page)