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Enrollment Request

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We are excited that you are taking your first step in our enrollment process.  You must complete the personal interview, submit several forms, and pay tuition and fees before your children are enrolled in SMIC Academy for legal attendance purposes.



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How many children in K5-7th grades do you intend to enroll in SMIC Academy?


How many children in 8th-12th grades do you intend to enroll in SMIC Academy?

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How did you hear about us?  Have you had a conversation about enrollment with someone in our leadership?

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We require a recommendation from your pastor.  Please enter the name and address of the church you are a member of or are committed to.

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Please enter the name and contact info for your pastor and/or an elder that we can contact for a recommendation.


Please acknowledge the following:


I have read SMIC Academy's About Us pages regarding offerings, requirements, costs, and the enrollment procedure.

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Yes, I have.

I understand that SMIC Academy relies on email as their official form of communication.  I will check my email regularly and notify the leadership of any changes to my contact info.

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I understand.

I understand that every family in SMIC Academy must be a member of Home School Legal Defense Association.  I will be asked for proof of membership at the end of the enrollment process.

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I understand.

I understand that I must provide a transcript from their school (public, private, or homeschool) if my child intends to transfer high school credits earned in the 8th grade or above.

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I understand.

The children I intend to enroll in SMIC Academy are not currently facing truancy issues.

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There are no truancy issues with these children.