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Helpful Links

Home Education General and Alabama info
Alabama's Home Education association (CHEF)
Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama (CHEF)– state convention information for mid June. Many helps on the free part of the webpage. Small membership fee for full access to website.
Crosswalk Homeschool
Christian focused e-mail newsletter, general homeschool news and encouragement
Homeschool reviews
Online review of many homeschool curriculums
Homeschool helps
Nonsectarian website with resource lists and links to many homeschool sites. Organized, thorough.
Research on home ed
National Home Education Research Institute
Home School Legal Defense Association
Most Comprehensive free website for individual state laws related to home education, resources for High School at Home, special needs children, etc. Other services, group purchase discounts, phone consultation etc. are available only for members
Alabama Law HSLDA
Home Education Associations, Conferences, Conventions
Tennessee, southeast
Chattanooga Southeast Tennessee Home Education Assoc - curriculum fair in late July
Tennessee, central
Middle Tennessee Home Education Association – Curriculum fair in May
Tennessee State Home Ed Association
Tennessee Home Education Assoc - curriculum fair and convention with Middle Tennessee Home Educators. Other helpful information and events in Tennessee
Florida Homeschool Association
Florida Parent Educators Assoc - convention and curriculum fair
Teach Them Diligently Conferences
Three conventions in 2013 specifically focused on family discipleship, home education and mission. Not for profit provider. Profits go to missions. Excellent speakers.
Great American Homeschool Conferences
Alabama Homeschool Convention, June 20-21, 2013. Georgia convention in early May. “American Home Education and Discipleship” is the organization that sponsors Christ-Centered Christian Home School Conventions specifically for the nonprofit state home education associations throughout the country with multiple conferences in multiple states.
Great Homeschool Conventions
Does two very large conventions in Cincinnati and Southeast (Greenville SC.) Check site for current dates
Home Education Journals: print, online or both
Home School Enrichment
Home School Enrichment magazine encourages the Christian home schooling family: variety of articles, great free newsletter, online and print products. Started by and continued by a home school family publisher.
Home Educating Family Magazine
Home Educating Family Assoc. publishers of Home Educating Family magazine, online convention, blog, planners etc. Relatively new organization, second gen home-educators from Tennessee.
Homeschooling Today
A Journal of home discipleship and education with veteran homeschool educators. Includes lesson plans. Debbie Strayer, founder. Debbie Strayer passed away in June 2013 unexpectedly. Hopefully this excellent journal will continue publication.
Practical Homeschooling
This is the articles page for the Practical Homeschooling Magazine, catalogue and other helps. Mary Pride and a host of 20-25 year veterans of home education. Very practical, lots of links and resources for futher look ups. Broad range of educational ages covered, but heavier on the middle school and high school college prep focus.
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. A newer (less than 15 years old) presence in the home ed journal landscape. Very thorough. Excellent veteran home educator contributors. Classical and heavy literature based focus but very helpful for many homeschool methods.
The Teaching Home
The first Christian Magazine for Home Educators; there is currently an online archived presence and a monthly updated newsletter. Outstanding archived articles on all aspects of home education. The Teaching Home was never an “advocate” for any type of curriculum or method of teaching but was a passionate advocate for Christ-centered curriculum and family life.
Family Life & Christian Discipleship
American Family Association
Traditional family values - reviews influence of TV and other media
A Holy Experience blog
Liturgy and laundry, spiritual encouragement from Ann Voscamp, mom of 6
Scriptural unit studies, i.e. life, death, Christian walk, Biblical research
Bible Gateway
Free online search tool, keyword or passage look ups
Various Christian topics and ministries to strengthen your walk
Christian encouragement, current events-news, free e-cards, music reviews, etc
Crown Financial Ministries
Teach kids about money matters, too
Desiring God
John Piper sermons, resource library, topical index, blog
Charts, lists, child training tools to order online, and author's blog
Family Table Time
Communication - family interaction tools
Family Life
HomeBuilders Series, family resources, Campus Crusade for Christ
Focus on the Family
Family Ministries
Reb Bradley - resources to strengthen the Christian family
Grace to You
John MacArthur sermons, Q and A to theological and doctrinal questions, daily devotions
Uniting Church and Home
Encouraging and training church leaders and families to unite to accomplish the Great Commission. Resources for church ministries to train future generations.
Precept Ministries
Kay Arthur - Precept Ministries International
Revive Our Hearts
Christian Women's Ministry, Biblical womanhood
True Woman
A ministry of Revive Our Hearts - Christian Women's Ministry, Biblical womanhood
Ravi Zacharias International
Apologetics, Slice of Infinity
Internet Filtering - Family Viewing Protection
Open DNS - parental control solutions
This service allows you to block objectionable content coming into your wireless router, thus protecting any electronic device including WII, Playstation, phones, etc. using your wireless router in your home. The following website explains Open DNS services in general:
Net Nanny
Available for desk top, wireless devices
Covenant Eyes
Internet accountability with another person receiving your browsing history.
Preschool Helps
Kinder IQ
A secular source with a K5 readiness test and other helpful preschool information for the parent teaching their children at home.
Reading Eggs
Online Subscription service to teach reading for children ages 3-7. Well recommended by several homeschool journals.
Time 4 Learning
online subscription program with preK-8
Curriculum Resources General Suppliers
Christian Book Distributors
Online bookstore for all subjects - many major curriculum suppliers
Library and Educational Services
Usually the best prices on a variety of homeschool products, books and curricular supplies
Rainbow Resource Center
Very comprehensive supplier of well-priced homeschool books and curriculum for all subjects.
Math, physics and phonics curriculum
Timberdoodle Company
Merit Software
CD or downloadable curriculum
Curriculum Resources Traditional Approach
A Beka Book, Pensacola Christian College, conservative Christian, all grades and subjects
ACE Ministries
Accelerated Christian Education/ Lighthouse Christian Academy
Bob Jones University, all grades, all subjects
Christian Liberty Press
Full curriculum or individual subjects (Streams of Civilization is published by CLP). Also has a fee for service online school, Evangelical perspective
Christian Light Publications
Mennonite focus, traditional curriculum
Class Homeschools
Tailored homeschool curriculum through Christian Liberty Academy School System, Evangelical in nature
Alpha Omega Publications
Switched On Schoolhouse/Lifepac/Horizons, Evangelical perspective
Rod and Staff
Anabaptist, conservative curriculum. Sales done through others - they do not have an online presence for sales.
Curriculum Resources Classical Approach
Cornerstone Curriculum
Solid Christian World View curriculum based on the teaching and ideas of Francis Schaeffer and Charlotte Mason. Curriculum designed by two educators David and Shirley Quine with many original sources. David is also the author and developer of Making Math
Covenant Home Curriculum
Your school year in a box. Calls itself a classical Christian approach but is doable for the family who may have the jitters about a pure classical curriculum. Uses BJU press and other resources for a full year in a box.
Memoria Press
Family Run Christian publishing company producing easy to use resources for Classical Christian Education… to help promote and transmit the classical heritage of the Christian West (from their web site.)
Mystery of History
Three volume set goes sytematically through the annals of time weaving Bible and history together in a multi-age format. From the website: Designed to stand alone, each volume is as simple or as in depth as the individual or family wants it to be. "This curriculum is the backbone from which any student can confidently grasp the mystery of history." - Anne L.
Tapestry of Grace
Christian classical curriculum combines history, church history, literature & geography. Somewhat of a cross between Classical and Literature based educational approaches.
Veritas Press
Classical Christian. Reformed in theology, Emphasis on Western Civilization, Latin, Greek, Curriculum that can be accomplished completely at home or with online support for a fee and online classes. Dorothy Sayers model, rigorous schooling, Curriculum designed for Home Schools or Classical Christian Schools.,
Well Trained Mind
Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise– classical education curriculum, book lists, message boards, forums.
Curriculum Resources Literature Based Approach
Beautiful Feet Books
History through literature, timelines, publishing classic children’s books for a new generation.
My Father's World
From their website, “combining the best of Charlotte Mason’s ideas, Classical education and unit studies with a Biblical Worldview “
Greenleaf Press
History and literature from ancient to modern. Study Guides.
Bible, History, readers, read alouds, and science based on literature. They have recommendations for Math. Language Arts Reading assignments correlate with the history. Other language arts covers grammar and composition.
Curriculum Resources Unit Studies
Multi-age unit studies based on character qualities, lots of activities. Awesome for two or three families to do together although can be done by one family.
Homeschool Mentor by Konos Developer Jessica Hulcy
Love the idea of Konos but overwhelmed at the thought? Jessica and Wade Hulcy provide the Konos co-op chats, lesson planning and teaching techniques for using Konos. Whether you are a co-op of two or three families or a large Unit study Co-op this may be a helpful addition to your teaching time.
Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett
Topical studies include history, language arts, occasionally math, and combines all focused on a particular theme.
Used Curriculum Buy/Sell
Used homeschool curriculum for sale by individuals
Homeschool Classifieds
They claim to be one of the largest sites on the web for used curriculum.
Used Homeschool Books
Online consignment family run business specializing in mostly traditional Christian curriculum, with other materials as well: BJU, ABEKA, CLP, Rod and Staff, Apologia, MathUSee, Saxon, Progeny Press, Konos, Greenleaf, etc
This is a vegetarian website and has a homeschooling section for both secular and Christian homeschoolers with boards for used curriculum.
Curriculum and Resources Language Arts/ Please also check the section "Free Educational Sites"
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Excellent helps for high school grammar and writing
Grammar: Shurley
English & grammar curriculum
Grammar Book
Wonderful site by the author of The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
Reading Moody Publishers
Click on catalog to find books/youth fiction and series books
Reading Key
Free vocabulary/phonics/reading/word scrambling worksheets and tests, K-5
Phonics: Saxon
Phonics curriculum from SAXON publisher
Literature: Progeny Press
Literature Study guides from K-12. Vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and literary devices discussed and exercises for student
Literature Total Language Plus
Literature study guides from a Christian Perspective for grades 3-12. Incorporates vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension and literary analysis (at the higher grade levels)
The Works People Grammar Works/Reading Works
Comprehensive home and Christian school curriculum; publishers of Grammar Works & Reading Works based on Ramona Spalding and Samuel T. Orton’s original language philosophy
Writing Start Write
Elementary penmanship and writing skills
Write at Home
Tutorials for various types of middle school and high school writing
Writing IEW
Institute for Excellence in Writing
Christian Writers Guild
Writing courses for preteens up to highschool by Christian mentors. Site includes online tutorials.
Worksheet Works
Create worksheets for all subjects. Love this for handwriting
Spelling Helps
Spelling Bee Alabama
This website by Adventure Travel, the Alabama sponsor of the National Spelling Bee provides information on state coordinators and spelling bees.
Spelling Bee Word Club
Word Club is the Scripps National Spelling Bee's premiere study resource for students. Word Club will allow your student to learn at his or her own pace with spelling and vocabulary tests covering all words from the Bee's official study resources; to study official definitions and word information; to receive instant feedback on spelling and vocabulary knowledge; and to hear audio pronunciations from Dr. Jacques Bailly, the official pronouncer of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.
Merriam Webster's Spell It!
Spell It! is the Scripps National Spelling Bee study site for school spelling champions created in cooperation with Merriam-Webster. Spell It! focuses on about 1150 words, divided into sections by language of origin.
Curriculum and Resources Arithmetic and Mathematics
American Math Challenge
Annual K5-12 online competition for schools and homeschoolers in mid October. Registrations start in late September. Practice sessions start in early October.
Chalk Dust
DVD based higher math curriculum including SAT/ACT prep
Math practice, K-HS subscription service, group purchase options Mathematics
Worksheets K and up grade levels, Q and A, tidbits about math
Art of Problem Solving
Free videos to explain various aspects of middle school and high school math. User friendly site.
Kahn Academy
originally a site for math videos made for his neice, Salman Kahn now has financial backers (Bill Gates) and the site has expanded to a variety of subjects with users all over the world. The biggest strength is still the short math videos to explain every concept from basic arithmetic to AB Calculus. 60 Min Sept 1, 2013 about Kahn Academy
Online help from basic math to statistics and calculus
Free math drills site
Math Worksheets Go
Exactly what it says, by grade level and more
Steve Demme - classroom type math instruction on CD with worktext
Teaching Textbooks
CD rom math curriculum
VideoText Interactive
High school math interactive CD full courses
Curriculum and Resources History and Social Studies
50 States
Click a state of interest & scroll down for a vast array of facts
A&E Classroom
Biographies, classroom history calendars
Alabama Policy Institute
Public policy think tank and educational organization
American Village
Historical curriculum guide & lesson plans
Animated Atlas
Play online movies of historical events
Citizen Link
Site for Focus on the Family social, political, economic and religious freedom issues
Diana Waring
Order history curriculum online
Colonial Williamsburg
History of colonial Williamsburg
God's World News
Christian current events for kids, published weekly
Geography Bee Prep Series
Serious Geography and Geography Bee study
Geo Bee Quiz Daily from NGS
National Geographic Society link to daily free questions for Geo Bee practice or geography study
Geography Study helps Sheppard Software
Quizzes for world geography for the upper elementary and middle school level.
Geosense: free online world geography study game
This game has an online play feature where your student can play against another player anywhere in the world and includes a chat feature. The site itself warns that children under 16 should not chat unsupervised so an adult should be present. The content of the site is excellent.
Free Map Quiz game for Windows
Settera is a downloadable game used by homeschoolers and schools all over the world. If you have a MAC you must run Parallels. Directions for downloading are on the site. Very good reviews
History Channel
Online study guides
Library of Congress
Hands on civics, state government classes, "Changing Lives to Change America”
Wall Builders
Historical documents, videos, etc. based on our nation’s Christian heritage
Inside the Whitehouse
Social studies/history of the United States/current events
Curriculum and Resources Science,Supplies, Robotics and Engineering
Apologia Ministries, online high school science and curriculum, site includes online tutorials
Answers in Genesis
Science news, curriculum, supplies and creation apologetics information
Landry Academy
This is the same company that sponsors a variety of science camps, free online science seminars, weekend “Science Lab Intensive” and a variety of online classes for upper elementary through high school. Originally science only, now includes Bible, it was started by Greg Landry, a former college professor and home educating dad, site includes online tutorials
Kids Astronomy
Free online astronomy classes grades 1-12, site includes online tutorials
Kid Explorers
Christian answers for fun science
Moody Videos
Bridge the gap between science and faith
Home Science Tools
Order lab supplies and science curriculum from a homeschool friendly family. Very professional
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, government site
NASA Quest
Bringing space & science to students
BEST Robotics
Boosting Science, Engineering and Technology, nonprofit, volunteer-based organization headquarters at Auburn University. Designed to increase the number of students interested in and graduating with the skills to solve engineering problems. Teams are for junior high and high school students. Oak Mountain High School has had a team that accepts homeschooled students. There may be others.
First Robotics
First Robotics-nonprofit science education organization includes the competitions for elementary and junior high Lego leagues as well as the high school robotics competition for serious minded high school students.
Jason Learning
“We are a nonprofit organization that connects students to science and exploration to inspire and motivate them to study and pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields (STEM).”
Curriculum and Resources Foreign Language
Transparent Language
Web based, supplement existing program with their free downloads or develop a foreign language program with their fee for service curricular materials
Early Advantage
Spanish, French, German, Italian language courses
The Learnables
Dynamic immersion CD program.
Rosetta Stone
Dynamic Immersion program CD based. All handouts and books on CDs for printing. Helpful if parent has a background in the language being studied.
Spanish Programs
Visual Link Spanish-combination MP3, DVD, immersion as well as interactive ways to learn verbs and vocabulary (other than in the immersion format). Well reviewed by those who have tried other methods.
Curriculum and Resources Fine Arts
Classical Archives
music appreciation, music history, learn to be a composer
Classics for Kids
Teacher and kid-friendly website for teaching classical music to children
Blick Art Supplies
Great buys and all kinds of art materials
How Great Thou Art
Christ-centered art curriculum
Make Stuff
craft projects, gardening, sewing and cooking
National Gallery of Art
Maestro Classics
Classical music with activity booklets and added lesson plans on-line
Piano Nanny
free piano lessons online - beginner to advanced
Professor Carol
Carol Reynolds, former Associate Professor at Southern Methodist University, entered the homeschool market in 2009 with CD curriculum and teaching online courses. She also does online classes for middle school and up. Great for elective courses in music. appreciation and music/art history.
Curriculum and Resources Physical Education
PE Central
fast, online lesson activities for indoor and outdoor exercise & skill
PE Links
everything you want to know about P.E. & more/online quizzes, lesson units, etc.
PE Links Lesson Plans
lesson plans for over 40 PE units. Great ideas for PE.
President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition
Curriculum and Resources Typing (or Keyboarding)
Mavis Beacon
software for children to adults for keyboarding and beginning computer applications
Typing Web
Register for free teacher's account to manage your students with your e-mail address.
Curriculum and Resources Electives/Delight Directed Studies- Other
U.S. Chess Federation
buy chess sets, learn game rules & regulations, develop skill
Free Educational Sites: Publicly supported or sites with printable worksheets and educational helps
Pizza Hut Book-It Program
Pizza Hut Book it is a reading encouragement program for Preschool through 6th grade. Parents and children set goals for either reading books or having them read to them to earn free personal pan pizzas. Excellent incentive to do with another family and have a reading reward party!
ALEX - AL Learning Exchange
State learning exchange for all courses of study, in all subjects across all grades; lesson plans, sample questions - large comprehensive site. Quoted from their site: "Quality for Every Facet of Learning" is more than a slogan for a website. It represents a commitment by the ALEX Team to provide only the best resources to meet the unique needs of teachers, administrators, parents, and students. ALEX, a project of the Alabama Department of Education, is designed to index and share many types of educational materials and information through a time-saving, one-stop resource for educators, parents, and students. The majority of these rich resources (lesson plans, Web links, and interactive activities) are located and connected to the Alabama Courses of Study by National Board Certified Teachers. By sharing the wealth of expertise and knowledge now available through ALEX, Alabama‘s best educators, and the youth of Alabama are poised to benefit from the best of the Web!”
Alabama Public Television - online teacher’s guide
Donna Young's free worksheets and helps
Now retired homeschool mom Donna Young began building this site in 1998. On it she puts her own student worksheets, forms, organizational helps and TONS of content.
Jefferson County AL Library
online catalog search by author, illustrator
PBS Learning Media
interesting lesson plans/teach with TV programming or not/pre K – 12
Hillsdale College Online Courses
10 week Online courses offered by Hillsdale College, an independent classical liberal arts college. Courses are American History, Western Civ, and two constitution courses. Archived videos and reading lists. New classes coming out yearly. Excellent for building in a high school semester. Donations requested but not required to register. Excellent for high school and family learning.
PBS Kids
coloring, songs, stories, and games for kids/children’s programming
great for those times you need graph paper
Grade Saver
Free Classic Audio Books
Free classic books to download
Homeschool Share
Free lap books
Homework Alabama
A publicly funded service through the Alabama Public Library Service for grades 3-12 Sunday-Thursday 3-10pm
Tutors in all subjects
The Four Wheelers
units.php Free unit studies
Homeschool Freebies
Free item offered each day, usually a pdf e-book
Enchanted Learning
This is a subscription service, but has free resources to whet your appetite for their $20.00/year membership...unit studies, activity of the day, etc.
ed Helper
printable worksheets of various subjects by grade level
Handwriting Worksheets
Free handwriting worksheets
Free worksheets, education courses and tutorials
Worksheet Works
Create worksheets for all subjects. Love this for handwriting!
Special Needs
Alabama Game Changers
From their website: "It is the mission of Alabama Game Changers to increase awareness and understanding in our community for the one in five children and adults who have specific learning disabilities." They do screening, evaluations, tutoring, advocacy.
Equipping Minds
From their website: Our primary mission is to work with children and adults to help them overcome learning, emotional, and social challenges by equipping their minds to reach the full potential that God has for them. The director is an HSLDA special needs consultant. There are types of discounts for HSLDA members. Curriculum, Skype tutoring for special needs, conferences for parents and educators
HSLDA - Homeschooling a Struggling Learner
Homeschooling Special needs children (covers many issues and diagnoses) ADHD, Autism spectrum, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, etc. Excellent resources and links to specific issues and diagnoses. This comprehensive site is kept up to date. HSLDA members may also have consultation with the special needs coordinators.
Homeschooling Special Needs Children
National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network
Alabama Council for Developmental Disabilities
Autism Society of Alabama
Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder
Great Schools - Learning Difficulties
parent's guide to identifying and managing different disabilities
SEN Teacher
“SEN Teacher provides cost-free teaching & learning resources for students with special needs and learning disabilities. Many resources here may also be of use to educators of primary and elementary students.” (from their website)
Smart Kids with LD
resource for learning disabled
Children with Special Needs
a site run by parents and for parents
Gifted Children
Duke TIP
Global leader in identifying academically gifted students. Excellent archive of articles regarding gifted education. Online and on campus courses for qualifying children after participating in testing in 7th grade talent search.
Stanford University Pre-Collegiate Studies
Educational Program for Gifted and Talented Youth – EPGY online courses for gifted youth in all subject areas. EPGY provides high-ability students of all ages with an individualized educational experience, optimized in both pace and content. Through EPGY, students have access to courses in a variety of subjects and levels. Physics, math, Computer science and English. Two levels of courses: independent study and tutor assisted. There are some group rates through Practical Homeschooling and The Teaching Home.
National Association for Gifted Children
High School General Helps/National Student Programs
HSLDA - homeschooling through high school
Home School Legal Defense Association. We list this first because it is the most thorough, comprehensive high school site on the web covering many issues related to homeschooling high school. Free monthly e-newsletter.
HSLDA - choosing high school curriculum
Thorough links to a comprehensive list of courses, online schools and many other options.
HSLDA - record keeping helps
excellent article about record-keeping from the March/April 2009 Court Report
Debra Bell - High School at home
Timeless author, retired home school mom, (PhD completed after she finished homeschooling) and former high school and college educator shares various tips for homeschooling in high school. Aim Academy for online classes.
Homeschool Oasis
High school section of author Barb Shelton's very thorough website on homeschooling
Advanced Training Institute
programs for high school and young adult students to help them prepare to fulfill God’s individual call on their lives
March 2 Success
Free educational content to help teens improve language arts, math and science. Test prep help as well. Sponsored by the US Army. No obligation
Impact 360
This is a gap year program with the mission of equipping members to become Christ-centered servant leaders. Location is Pine Mtn. Georgia. Credit through Union University.
Homeschool speech and debate league with links to local regional speech and debate clubs including Birmingham.
Summit Ministries
Worldview training especially for high school seniors entering the workforce or college. Recommended ages 17-23
Civics, government, Christian discipleship and leadership development: Changing Lives to Change the World. Four day state classes at your state capital learning about state government and responsible citizenship.
Worldview Academy
Worldview camps for students 13-17 nationwide
High School Driver’s Licensing information for Alabama and parent helps
AL Department of Public Safety
Alabama driver's license requirements and driving manuals
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Graduated Driver Licensing Laws in Alabama and other states
High School - Driver Safety Courses most with on-site driving
Shelby County Community Ed Driver's Education
Shelby County Community Education has a summer school class of Driver's Ed. Course is 5 days x 5 hours of instruction, plus 6+ hours driving. Must have learner's permit. Non-Shelby County students and homeschoolers are welcome.
This webpage also has other helpful links.
$360 (Summer 2018). SCCE issues grade and 0.5 credit. State-approved road test is available. Contact Kay Dummier at 682-5843.
University of Montevallo - YDRRC
The Alabama Traffic Safety Center at the University of Montevallo offers the Young Driver Risk Reduction Course to licensed teens ages 16-19. This one-day class is offered in the summer. Must be proficient in basic driving skills. A group of 6 students can request a custom date. 12 per class maximum. $150 Includes skid-pad work to learn how to get out of a hydroplaning spin.
ALSCCA Teen Driver Clinic
Teen Driver Clinics are one-day clinics held around the greater B’ham area, taught by instructors with motorsports and/or racing background. Open to licensed or permitted drivers. Parents stay on site and may participate. $120 includes lunch for two. This link has the latest schedule.
High School Driver's Ed. Programs (online, DVD, or Book)
HSLDA Driver's Ed
HSLDA's updated list of Driver's Ed articles and curriculum suggestions.
AAA - SmartStart Newsletter
This StartSmart page is to sign up for a free newsletter sequenced appropriately for a teen who is about to or has recently received his learners permit.
Drivers Ed
Beginning with a free trial, this course is sponsored by a SACS accredited Non traditional school in Atlanta. The course is accredited and gives .5 Carnegie units of high school credit for $49.
AAA - Keys2Drive
AAA Guide to Teen Driver Safety
Tools to help you move through the learning-to-drive process.
AAA recommended program with DVD and parent guide combines driver education with realistic virtual safety course situations. Under $20.00 at last view. Driver-ZED is a driver awareness tool that would be a fantastic addition to any teen’s learning process. However, this product is not designed to teach your teen everything they need to know in order to become a safe driver.
National Driver Training
One of the parent-taught programs recommended by HSLDA.
Driver Ed in a Box
Driver’s ed course on interactive CD-ROM and audio CD and written workbook. Very comprehensive (“Rolls Royce" of the Driver Education courses)
AAA Online Novice Driver Education
AAA’s Online Novice Driver Education supplemental course is 25 hours long.