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Is it too late for us to join?


No, it is not too late for you to join even if the school year has already begun.


Do you prorate registration fees?




Tell me about your group.


Holy Family Homeschool Group is a support group for Roman Catholic homeschooling families in the Louisiana area. Membership includes participation in the events and field trips, the newsletter and access to the secure portion of our web site where members can share homeschool related news, ideas, and contact other members. Over the past few years, our size has grown to over 80 families. 



Do I have to be Catholic to join?


No, we have an open membership policy to all home schooling families, but the guiding principle of all our functions and activities lies in our faithfulness to the teachings, Traditions and Doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church and Her Magisterium.


What kind of activities do you do?


Each year is a little different, but usually the following activities are offered:

Couples’ Meetings - The board will host at least one couples’ meetings each year in the spring. The purpose of these meetings is to encourage one another, share ideas, pray with and for one another, discuss issues important to the group, cast votes when necessary, disseminate information pertinent to home education and to get volunteers to facilitate the activities and social events during the year.

Back to School Mass/Picnic – This is a chance for our families to come together to begin the new school year. Come and meet old friends and welcome new ones!

Fall Ball – This is a 6 - 8 week baseball event in the fall where children split up into age groups and the Dads provide coaching and organize teams with the older groups to play baseball games.

Field Trips – Monthly field trips set up by volunteer coordinators. It can be any fun or educational get away that children of all ages would enjoy. Each coordinator chooses the event and submits details for the newsletter.

“Holy Helpers” Works of Mercy Service Projects - Coordinated periodically throughout the year to teach our children how to serve, while at the same time educating them on the needs of others and how their hands are those of Jesus. The projects can include anything from working with outside organizations that help the poor, abused or homeless, to serving the needs of our own group. Each coordinator chooses the project and submits details for the newsletter.

Literature Group – A reading program where children from pre-K to high school discuss great works of literature. Craft activities are also included for the younger grades. Hosted monthly by volunteer moms.

Mom’s Night Out – A relaxing evening for the moms in the group to meet socially. Usually held monthly. The date and time is set by the volunteer hostess.

Dad’s Night Out - A way for the dads in the group to meet socially and discuss issues that pertain to their roles as the head of their home, head of their home school, and support for this endeavor. Usually held monthly. The date and time is set by the volunteer host.

Couple's Night Out – This fun evening for HFHE couples to socialize. When scheduled, this will take the place of the Dad's and Mom's night out for that month.

Ice Skating – This is a chance to come together at the Hockeyplex Ice Arena with HFHE members and other area homeschoolers to enjoy ice skating at a very reasonable rate, currently $2 per child per session.

Bowling – This is held at Lafayette Lanes and is a fun time for all HFHE members to enjoy bowling at a reasonable group discount.

Poetry Recitation Contest – An opportunity for children of all grades to experience public speaking by reciting poetry, Bible verse or famous prose of their choice to an audience of their peers and parents.

All Saints Party – Held on or around October 31st/November 1st as an alternative to “Trick-or-Treat”. Games and activities are held and a meal can be provided. Children dress like saints or bible characters.

Epiphany Party - Held on or around the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6. Activities, games, finger foods, and drinks are provided as well as a performance of sorts as a reminder of the Epiphany.

Geography Fair – An educational fair designed for children of all grade levels to research a country of their choice and present their work to the group.

Science Fair – This is an educational fair for our children of all grades to demonstrate the wonders of God's creation. Beware of the volcanoes!

Family Campout – A weekend event usually held at Mary Hill Renewal Center for HFHE families to spend time together in prayer, recreation, and relaxation. The focus is also to reward our teachers and students for their hard work throughout the school year, so dads take charge of the cooking and cleaning!

Mother/Daughter Event - A tea, brunch or activity held for the mothers and daughters of our group to spend time together peacefully. Grandmothers are encouraged to attend.

Father/Son Event - An event or weekend activity held for the fathers and sons of HFHE to be together enjoying leisure time with each other. Grandfathers and fathers with no sons are welcomed to attend.

Soccer - A sports event in the spring where children and young adults are broken up into age groups and the Dad's provide coaching and drills to teach the basics of Soccer and also organize games for the older groups.

Year End Mass/Fun Day - A special end-of-the-year activity to bring the group together in celebration of another successful year of home schooling.