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Leadership Policy

1.  The Leadership team is comprised of volunteers who their time to provide leadership to the group, with the goal of having both men and women on the team.

2.  Leadership team members must be Christians, members of CFS RB for at least 2 years, privately homeschooling, and agree to CFS RB's Statement of Faith and Vision Statement.

3. We hold to the Christian Family Schools of San Diego Leadership Policy which states, "Leaders may not have their children registered with any public institution as the primary means of satisfying compulsory education requirements."

4.  Leadership team members must have at least three years of homeschooling experience.

5.  Leadership team members are asked to serve for two-year terms (June to June) but may serve longer with prayerful consideration and support from the rest of the Leadership team.

6.  The Leadership team is responsible for carrying out the vision of CFS RB with regards to policies, issues, activities, classes and services, and, with Scripture as the true ultimate authority, the Leadership team holds the final decisions on behalf of the group.

7.  The Leadership team is led by one couple/person who appoints additional leadership team members without election.

8.  The Leadership team will appoint Coordinators to oversee and carry out tasks for the group (e.g., newsletter, co-op coordinator, field trip coordinator, etc.).

9.  Coordinators must be Christians, members of CS RB for at least 1 year, privately homeschooling, and must agree to CFS RB's Statement of Faith.

10.  Coordinators will be assigned to a Leadership team member who will ensure that tasks carried out are in line with CFS RB's Vision Statement.