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HCS Co-Op Policies & Procedures

All families are welcome, no matter what their religious background. But we want all families to know up front that this is a Christian co-op, and we will strive to include a Biblical worldview in our courses.


Heritage Christian School is an educational and social network for Christian home-schooling families, providing an opportunity for parents to come together to share their talents and resources for the mutual benefit of all participants.

HCS Co-op does require a Statement of Faith. Our Co-op is decidedly Christian, with Christian, Biblical, and Creation based classes.

Our goal and mission is to offer very high quality classes, in a friendly safe environment.

Policies and Expectations:

As the old saying goes, many hands make light work. We need your help in making things run smoothly for your children.

A parent is required to be on campus or to sign a release form designating an adult to watch their child. This adult is to take all responsibility for your child. We ask you to sign up to teach, help in a class room, or sign up for others jobs available. It is very important for parents to be in the classroom they are assigned to, assisting the main teacher with any activity she/he may need your help in.

Discipline Policy:

 Students and parents should conduct themselves, so as to reflect the virtues of Christ. Children should honor the Lord’s house, and respect authority. Parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s behavior. It is the parents’ responsibility to handle misbehavior.

  • No weapons, alcohol, or illegal drugs will be permitted.
  • No fighting, bullying, defiant, or deceitful behavior.
  • No foul language or obscenities.
  • No un-approved electrical devices permitted

Dress Code:

Parents and students should wear appropriate, modest clothing. As in every area of our lives, we desire the way we dress honor the Lord.

It is not our desire to decide for a parent what is best for your child to wear. We hope that you will make a wise decision at home. If a student wears clothing deemed inappropriate by the Co-op Leadership Team, a conference will be immediately called with parent and Co-op Leadership Team. 


We really want for you to be here. Attendance and punctuality is crucial to the success of co-op. By enrolling, you are committing for the entire year. For high school students receiving credit for their diploma, three(3) unexcused absences will result in an incomplete grade. High school students will be required to make up the work missed. If you miss more than 2 classes you will be given an incomplete, and teachers do not have to take time out of their schedule to assist in grading missed work, giving assignments, etc. Co-Op must be a priority in your family. If you are more than 10 minutes late to a class you will not be allowed to enter the classroom.

After the 1st week week of class you may not add/drop or change a class. The class fees are non-refundable and parents must pay for new class.

Special Needs: Please be mindful that our teachers are parents who volunteer their time to help. They are not trained to handle severe learning disorders. Our co-op classes may not be in the best interest of every child.

Teacher Responsibility:

Our teachers consisit of certified teachers, parents with a degree, or knowledge/passion for a subject. Most of our teachers are parent volunteer teachers.

  •  I agree to commit to the whole academic year unless previously specified.
  • Four weeks prior to registration, I will turn in class description, book requirements, supply list, and minimal fees.
  • Two weeks prior to class, I will turn in an outline or course of study of my class to the co-op coordinator.
  • If I HAVE to be absent, the class won’t cancel. I’ll find my own replacement to the best of my ability. In case of emergency, I’ll contact a board member.
  • To protect myself and the children, I will have 2 adults in the classroom at all times. 

Parent/Helper Responsibility:

Parents are required to serve. Parents will be given at least 1 class period for personal/fellowship time. Since we are a true co-op and not a drop off educational program, a child MAY NOT participate in co-op unless a parent is on site.

  • I assume full responsibility of my child(ren) at all times while at HCS co-op.
  • I will stay on campus at all times or unless I have designated adult in charge of my children.
  • I will be glad to help out when needed.
  • I agree to commit to the whole academic year.
  • If I HAVE to be absent, I will find another helper to fill in.
  • I will do what I can to help out in the classroom. I will fill in and teach in case the teacher is absent. I will help put away supplies, and leave a clean classroom.
  • I will not be on my phone during a class time in which I am a teacher or helper.
  • I will help the teacher gather supplies, implement lessons, and handle discipline.
  • I will be glad to help students who need extra help.
  • If I am not helping in the classroom, I will sign up for other jobs on the sign up sheet. I want to do my part.
  • If you are there 2 or more periods you must sign up to help for 2 periods. If you only have preschool age children this rule doesn't apply to you, because you will be with them all day.

Student Responsibility:

 We love our students here at HCS Co-op, from our smallest babies, to graduating seniors.

 As a student at HCS Co-op-

  • I will remember that I am in a house of worship and respect it as such. I will only go in areas assigned for co-op use.
  • I will come to class prepared. I will be respectful of my teachers and helpers. I will participate in class activities.
  • I will not be on my phone during class time.
  • I will follow the discipline and dress policy.
  • I will commit to the whole year of classes and strive to do my best.


HCS Covering Students: Registration fee will be $40 per family. 

Non-HCS Covering Students: Registration fee will be $50 per family. 

Class fees are set by each teacher.

SUPPLY LIST: There are some supplies that we would like each family (not each student) to donate at the beginning of the year.  These include: a pack of crayons, glue stick, bottle of glue, scissors, colored pencils, pack of copy paper and pack of construction paper.  If a class has already requested one of these items just turn it in with the set.

DONATIONS: Also if there is anything that you would like to donate to our co-op that we could use we would greatly appreciate your help ( some ideas, measuring spoons/ups mixing bowls, arts and craft items, science items(beakers, microscopes). Thanks so much!!

All co-op fees are due by August 24, 2017. If fees are not paid in full by August 24, 2017 your child’s slot becomes available. The class fees are set by each indiviual teachers.


Registration will be available on our website www.eheritagechristian.net. We will send out a reminder when we open registration. Classes will be filled on first come, first served basis. Students who are enrolled in Heritage Christian School Covering will be allowed to register first. 

Remember to choose your classes carefully. It gets really confusing when we have people switching classes.

When you sign up for classes you are required to sign up as a helper for two classes (if you are there for two or more periods.) Your child will not be signed up in their classes if you have not signed up to help. It takes everyone working together to make co-op run smoothly. Volunteers will be able to sign up on-line as well. We will take registration in the order we receive it according to the dates above.      

 We will be having Co-op Orientation on August 24th in the FBTC First Place. You may bring your children if you want. We will have the older children watch the younger ones. Remember to bring your co-op forms and payment for classes to orientation (unless you filled out online). Please remember we take cash or check. We will be taking pictures for our yearbook at this time. We will put a sign up list on our facebook page closer to time.

Amber Shirley: Co-op Leader

  • Schedules all Co-Op classes
  • Will work with preschool, elementary, middle, and high school parents to plan classes for Co-Op and curriculum selection
  • Responsible for placing teachers, parents helpers, and committee heads where they are needed.

Any questions regarding Heritage Christian School Co-Op please feel free to contact Amber @ anshirley@aol.com.