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Mrs. Susan Geoghan To All Instructors

Mrs. Susan Geoghan is married and has been a homeschooling mom for nearly 20 years to three children.  Two are out of high school and her youngest is a student at Upper Tier.  Mrs. Geoghan graduated from Franklin and Marshall College with a BA in Biology and concentrations in English and Marketing.  She worked for a biomedical research corporation and in sales and marketing in California prior to marriage and family.  She is a proponent of Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy and has a love of natural and life science and living books.  Somewhere in the mix is also a love of vocal, instrumental, worship, and piano music as well as supporting musical theatre.  She has facilitated many home group and several Middle Tier classes of Shakespeare's works and looks forward to unpacking Shakespeare in a core curriculum class at Cornerstone Upper Tier. 

Current Classes
Shakespeare FALL 2023-2024 (9th-12th) 1:30pm – (closed)