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Cornerstone Payment & Refund Policy


Tuition is due upon registration and can be made in one of two ways:

A. Submit a check for the entire amount of your tuition. You will receive an invoice and receipt for what you have paid and can access your account on the website.


B. You may pay with multiple post-dated checks for no additional fee. Equally divide your tuition over any number of months with the first check dated to coincide with your registration and the last check dated no later than March 1, 2021. ALL CHECKS SHOULD BE DATED THE FIRST OF THE MONTH (this makes our accounting easier). ALL CHECKS MUST BE HANDED IN AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION with the understanding that the money is committed and under the rules of the refund policy. Please hand in all forms along with payment. You will receive invoices and receipts for what you have paid, and can access your account balance on the website.

Initial payment that is submitted after June 30 is subject to the late registration fee ($50) Please contact Karen or Michelle PRIOR to June 30 for extenuating circumstances.



Grace Period: Cornerstone’s refund policy allows changes and withdrawals around the registration time period. All changes are FREE until April 30. Please be considerate and make your changes ASAP to allow someone else to have your class slot.

After the Grace Period: (beginning May 1): All Class switches cost $40 unless initiated by Cornerstone.

For a Refund after the Grace Period (beginning May 1 through the day before classes begin):

- The class must be full (minimum 12 students) and a replacement student on the waiting list to take your spot – Cornerstone will try to find a student if there is no waiting list but 12 students are enrolled

- The refund has a $40 deduction from the total (ex: class fee is $190, you would get a refund of $150)

- Please note – if you withdraw from the class, even if there aren’t enough students to get a refund, you have forfeited the class spot. Especially late in the summer this avoids a teacher suddenly having to make study packets or purchase books for a student they thought had withdrawn. And it allows Cornerstone to switch student sections to balance classes better.

- The family registration fee is not refundable


Please note that if you pay in installments that you must still honor the refund policy for all classes for which you are registered. ALL POST-DATED CHECKS SHOULD BE DATED THE FIRST OF THE MONTH.

By registering your student(s) you are indicating that you have read and agree to this refund policy.