Lititz Home Educators

New to LHE?

What exactly is LHE?
Lititz Home Educators is a unique alternative to a weekly co-op. It allows you to be connected to other homeschoolers without a weekly time commitment. Members serve the group in some way during the year and can pick and choose opportunities that interest their family and suit their schedule. Many members use it in addition to a weekly co-op as it provides enrichment opportunities and a safe, closed e-mail forum for communicating with other like-minded homeschoolers. You can ask questions, borrow and buy new curriculum, seek recommendations, find out pertinent information and opportunities for homeschoolers, and more!

LHE is the perfect addition to your home school and a great way to be connected. Come build relationship with us as we serve each other.

Are there any requirements to join?

Although we do not require a signed statement of faith for general membership, our group is founded on Jesus' example of servanthood.* Many of our planned activities occur in north-central Lancaster County, but LHE welcomes families from anywhere. Members are encouraged to contribute to the group in some way each year by initiating an activity such as a field trip, a class on any subject or hobby, a show-and-tell, a moms' gathering, play dates… anything that might be of interest to others in the group.

*LHE is organized under a volunteer board. All board members are required to sign a statement of faith based on the Nicene Creed.

How do I join?

Our next annual meeting will be held in May of 2019. Contact Kyrie for location and directions:

Dues for the 2018-2019 school year: $25 per family; continuing enrollment.

Download and print current year's Membership Form (on left side) and mail in along with your membership dues.

Also you must click on the tab labeled "Join" located on the upper website toolbar, and fill out the online information. Once approved, you will have access to the LHE member's pages.

If you have more questions, email Jill at for more information.

* please be aware that membership fees are not pro-rated.

What do I get if I join LHE?

• LHE newsletter online at the LHE website
• Ability to access and post on our secure website
• CHALC Membership & SCRAWLS (monthly newsletter)

(Please note that if you belong to more than one CHALC group, you may be able to receive a partial refund from CHALC)

What's Happening...

Intro to Latin Group
continue every week
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Chess Club
April 2 - Tuesday
01:00 PM - 02:15 PM
Intro to Latin Group
continue every week
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM