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Welcome! This form is for any prospective members interested in scheduling a visit to our co-op.

What to expect: 11:00AM - arrive at church, 11:05-11:30 - tour of facilities, 11:30 AM - Q & A, 12:00 - join us for a packed lunch in our gym (optional)

Please stop by our welcome desk (the large entrance) to pick up your visitor tags. All adults must have the appropriate tag while in the building. Any visiting children must stay with their parent(s). Children cannot participate in classes (including gym) while visiting.

Please contact [email protected] with questions about membership, thank you.


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Date of visit:

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Ages of kids coming (as of the time you would be joining the co-op):

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PreK (up to 3yo) 4yo
5yo/Kindergarten 1st-3rd Grade
4th-6th Grade 7th-8th Grade
High School
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Age of students you prefer to work with / teach if you become a member of our co-op:

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Nursery Preschool
K-3rd 4th-6th
7th-9th 10th-12th
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Please give us your email address so we can contact you about your visit. Thanks!