SHARE (Sherman Area Enrichment)

Welcome to the SHerman ARea Enrichment

Homeschool Co-op


     SHARE provides a cooperative teaching and learning experience for homeschooling families in the Sherman area.  Our goal is to share in the home education of our children through enriching classes, fun activities, and parental support in a Christian environment.  We hope to enrich the lives of our children through classes that are best taught in a group setting, that share a teacher's interests, and that fill needs of member families. 

     The key to success is cooperation.  Therefore, at least one parent from each family is expected to be involved and to remain on the premises during the times his/her children are in class. 

     All SHARE classes are taught from a Christian perspective (no New Age ideas, evolution, humanism, etc), but, in deference to the varying religious beliefs of our members, denominational doctrine is not taught.

     We welcome homeschooling families who share these views and who desire to enrich the education of their students in this environment.  Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out how our co-op works.  Our handbook of guidelines is also online. We highly recommend that you read it as you consider whether SHARE classes might be a good fit for your family.  Click the "Request Membership" link at the top right-hand portion of this page if you wish to begin our membership approval process.