Vital Academy Leading the next generation to Worship God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose and Make a Difference! Monthly Events and Activities Optional Umbrella Covering Strong Support Community Christ-centered Co-op for Pre-K - 12th Grade
Leading the next generation to Worship God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference.

Vital Academy has many offers when you become a member, such as ...
* Enrichment Co-Op classes on Friday's
* Social gatherings
* Weekly park days
* Monthly Field Trips
* Parties for holidays and more
* Art Fairs
* History Fairs
* Science Fairs
* Dances
* Move Up / Graduation Ceremony
* Mom's night out
* Events for the whole family to attend
* and more!

Vital Academy is a faith-based group.
All of our co-op classes are taught from a Christian perspective. Your students may pray in any of their classes and learn from Christian faith.
This will not apply to all classes, but there are some that you can expect this to happen from each Friday in our Co-Op classes.
We are representatives of Christ not only in our homes, at events, and elsewhere; but also at Co-op.
All parents will be held to Christ-like standards in and out of the classroom and expected to represent Christ in their tones, words, and actions with students as well as other parents while on campus, and at all other events and activities as well.

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