Michiana Homeschool Drama Group

Drama Camp 2020 Dates & Productions

Drama Camp 2020 dates will be March 2-7.

MHDG is pleased to announce the following productions for our camp this year:

  Friday, March 6, 2020 @ 7pm elementary students will be performing the musical

"The Boy Who Cried Wolf"

 Saturday, March 7, 2020 @ 2pm  jr/senior high students will perform the drama

"Jane the Nne Day Queen"

Both performances will be held at Christian Center Church 530 E. Ireland Rd. South Bend

Want more info? Interested in joining our group?

If you would like more information about our group please read through the FAQ's listed below.  If you are interested in joining MHDG or have further questions, please click on the Contact Information button.  Text, call or email the group coordinator.


What is MHDG?

Michiana Homeschool Drama Group (MHDG) provides the opportunity for area homeschoolers to participate in a one week drama camp.  Students are instructed by a team of highly qualified and talented young peaople from the Academy of Arts in South Carolina.

What is the Academy of Arts?

Great question!  The Academy of Arts is the organization that MHDG partners with in order to bring our students the best possible dramatic experience as well a week filled with spiritual emphasis. Please click on the link to learn more about the AoA at their website.



What ages can participate?

1st- 12th grade homeschool students can participate

What is the cost to participate with MHDG?

One week drama camp fees:

elementary students           $130

jr/senior high students        $180

**these fees are collected by MHDG but are actually paid to the Academy of Arts

When is drama camp?

Drama Camp 2020 will be March 2-7.

Where is camp held?

Drama Camp 2019 will be held at Christian Center Church, 530 E. Ireland Rd. South Bend

What will the students be performing?

2019 Drama Camp Productions:

Elementary group (1st-6th grade) will perform "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"-"If you loved the last three musicals produced by the father-and-daughter team, Nicole Chavers Stratton and Nicky Chavers, then you will NOT want to miss this newest musical drama, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf!” This exciting musical will explore the positive and negative effects of peer pressure on our children, as well as teach the importance of finishing the job, hard work and honesty! This newest musical from The Academy of Arts character-building drama series is one you and your children will not want to miss!" 

Jr/senior high group (7th -12th grade) will perfom "Jane the Quene"- "Jane the Quene presents the true story of a 15 year old girl who through political trickery was made the Queen of England for nine days. Throughout the turmoil of family betrayal and religious persecution, this young girl shows time after time that true faith is not just to know God but to believe in Him." 


When are the performances and what is the cost of tickets?

The elementary students will perform "A Day In the Country" on Friday, March 1 at 7:00 pm.

The jr/senior high students will perform "Joseph of Arimathea" on Saturday, March 2 at 2:00 pm.

We consider the performances a ministry opportunity to the community so there is no charge for either performance.  We do however welcome freewill donations.

When and where do students audition for parts in the performances?

Auditions are usually held the first week in January.  The date for 2020 has yet to be determined.  The auditions will most likely be held at the Christian Center Church.

Can I watch the students rehearse during the week?

No- we ask that parents not enter the auditiorium to watch any of the rehearsals during camp week.  Parents are welcome to stay at the church throughout the day however if they'd like. Christian Center Church has a wonderful space that they generously allow our group to utilize all week in the cafe area.  We have found that parents watching the rehearsals creates unnecessary anxiety in both parents and students.  We also believe that viewing the "finished product" at the end of the week is entirely worth the wait!

What does a day at camp look like for students?

All students gather in a large group upon arrival each morning and go over announcements, daily goals and pray.  The elementary students will then meet in the auditorium to begin practicing songs and scenes for their performance.  Each day they will have a devotion taught by one of the AoA leaders.  They also have a 15 minute snack time each morning. They will also be fitted for costumes and go through blocking (where they will be standing on stage during each scene).  Elementary students finish at 12:30 and conclude the days activities with a review of what they accomplished, goals for the next day and prayer.  

Jr/senior high students will split up after morning announcements and work in various areas depending on where they are assigned. These areas are costumes, make-up, props, sets, sound and lighting.  Guys and girls will participate in a devotion with the leader of their group during the morning session.  Students will also practice scenes in smaller groups in the morning session and then all together in the afternoon sessions.  All students participate in a chapel service each day at noon followed by lunch at 12:30.  The afternoon concludes with final announcements and prayer at 3 pm.


Where does the team from the Academy of Arts stay while they are here?

The team from the Academy of Arts in South Carolina is actually hosted by two or three families from our group.  We need host families to volunteer each year to serve our group in this way.  Each family that volunteers agrees to host either the guys on the team or the girls. In recent years we have also had married couples that need a host family as well.  Hosting a part of the team involves providing them with sleeping accomodations and bathroom facilities.  Host families will usually offer a simple breakfast for the team members as well.  Lunch and dinner are provided by our meal team volunteers and the team will eat those meals at the church.  

Do we purchase costumes for our students?

The Academy of Arts brings most of the costumes with them from their facility in SC.  However each student is required to have some "base" pieces based on what character they are playing.  For example in a biblical play jr/senior high students may need to have a pair of sandals that would be appropriate for that time period as well as a t-shirt and shorts (or a slip) for under the rest of the costume.  These "base" pieces vary from year to year based on what plays our group is performing.  Costume requirements will be sent out in early January after auditions.

Do jr/senior high students pack lunch each day or are they allowed to leave the building to get lunch?

Students are not permitted to leave Christian Center Church to purchase food.  If parents would like to bring them lunch they may. Our lunch period is from 12:30-1 so food would need to arrive by then. Most students either pack a lunch or purchase a meal plan in advance.  The meal plan is the "brainchild" of one of the moms in our group who graciously spends her week preparing simple lunches for any of our students that would like to purchase their meals.  Included in the meal plan also are dinners for Thursday and Friday when jr/senior high students stay later.  If this is something you'd like to take advantage of there will a sign-up sheet in the registration paperwork.

Am I allowed to take pictures and or videotape  during the performance?

One of our parents is actually a professional photographer and another parent is a videographer and "tech" guru.  They have both generously donated their time and talents to our group by photographing and taking video of both performances.  The photos are free and the videos are available for a small charge to cover dvd costs and equipment usage.  So the technical answer to this question is yes, you can do both however, no flashes are permitted during the performance and with professionals on the job working for our group - why would you want to?  Sit back, relax and enjoy!

How can I help with camp week?

That's a great question!  Camp week is a huge undertaking even with the team from the Academy of Arts handling the dramatic end of things.  There are still many details to attend to including feeding the team, collecting DVD orders, creating playbills for the performances, and helping with the final clean-up and closing pizza party.

Each family will be asked to choose an area to volunteer when they complete the registration for their students.  For a detailed look at the areas in which volunteers are needed, please click on the volunteer link.

I have heard that 6th graders are allowed to stay all day even though they are considered elementary age.  Can my 6th grader stay all day and if they do what will they be doing?

6th graders are considered part of the elementary group and have a wonderful opportunity to serve as leaders in that age group.  Responsible 6th grade students are permitted to stay all day if they're interested and it's okay with their parents.  They would eat lunch at 12:30 and then join the jr/senior high group for the afternoon. When that group is working on group scenes the 6th graders would usually just be observing (unless they are asked to play the role of an extra) and the rest of the afternoon they would work in an assigned area alongside the older students - like costumes, make-up, props, etc.This is considered a privilege and any 6th graders that would like to stay for the afternoons will need to confirm with the MHDG coordinator that they plan to stay and they will need to be participate in the same work/activities as the jr/senior high students for the afternoon session. 

How does Drama Camp week conclude?

Okay maybe I made this question up.... I'm not sure it actually qualifies as a FAQ but for new families this seems like super relevant information,

After the jr/senior high school performance on Saturday afternoon all drama families are expected to stay and participate in a final clean-up of the church.  During this time there is much to do including assisting the Academy of Arts team to pack up all of their equipment, costumes, make-up etc into their trailer, as well as to attempt to put the church back to the condition we found it at the beginning of the week.  We found that this can all be accomplished much faster if we have an end goal in mind so we conclude our week with a closing pizza party after all the clean-up is accomplished.  All the families, students and the AoA team are asked to stay for this if possible. Besides motivating all of us to complete the clean-up quickly, the pizza party also provides a great way for families to connect and students to have closure on their exhausting but fun-filled week. 

How do I join MHDG?

Check our home page to be sure we have openings for this year's productions.  Then call, text or email the group administrator.  Click on the "contact" button for this information.