Golden Belt Home Educators Resources Calendar

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Mom's Night Out
September 28 - Tuesday
06:30 PM
Play at the Park
October 7 - Thursday
01:00 PM
Field Trip
October 8 - Friday
08:30 AM


Welcome to Golden Belt Home Educators Website! 

GBHE is a group of home educating families in Great Bend, Kansas and surrounding rural areas.  We aim to have a monthly "Mom's Night Out" activity for social support and a monthly field trip for the whole family. GBHE also has an educational/enrichment co-op that meets for two 12-week sessions (on average) each school year.  We meet Thursday mornings in Great Bend for 3-4 classes.  This is a parent directed group - where parents stay to help with teaching, assisting in a class, severing as a hall monitor, or by serving in the nursery/toddler/Pre-K areas. 

We do ask for a $8.50/yearly membership due for the support of this website (if you desire to be a member).(Co-op members will have website membership covered in Co-op fees.) 

Active members of GBHE are requested to participate in the planning for one field trip per year & one mom's night out. 


We home school for a variety of reasons and use a variety of methods and curriculum based on our families' needs and beliefs.  Although the group is Christian in nature and leadership, and many member familes are motivated by their faith, this is an open group.  We aim to be welcoming as we encourage and equip local homeschooling families!

If you desire to learn more or have questions - please contact us.  Thank you!