Golden Belt Home Educators


Pool Day
June 5 - Wednesday
01:00 PM
Pool Day
June 12 - Wednesday
01:00 PM
Pool Day
June 19 - Wednesday
01:00 PM


The mission of Golden Belt Home Educators (GBHE) exists to provide homeschool families with a Christ-centered community and to enrich their home-based learning. We work together as a community to provide homeschooling support, activities, classes and more.

We strive to have one field trip, a Mom's Night Out, and one Junior/Senior High Activity each month. 

We have an educational/enrichment co-op called Academy Days (1st-12th grade focused). Academy Days members meets for two 12-week sessions (fall & spring), each school year.  We meet Thursday mornings in Great Bend for 3-4 classes, with subjects such as science, art, explorations & gym.  This is a parent-directed group - where parents stay to help with teaching, assisting in a class, serving as a hall monitor, or by serving in the nursery/toddler/Pre-K areas. 

We currently have both junior and senior high volleyball and basketball!

Our Early Years program hosts monthly field-trip-style meet-ups for our families with younger children.

We do ask for a $15/yearly membership due for the support of this website (if you desire to be an active member).  Yearly dues will be collected in August when your family profile is requested to be updated. 

To join, please click JOIN in the upper right-hand corner and fill out the application!

GBHE Leadership

GBHE Leadership Board 2023-2024: 

President: Aimee Wutka

Vice President: Hannah Broeckelman

Treasurer: Darah Harrison

Secretary: Rachel Kitch

GBHE Committees & Committee Chairpeople 2023-2024

Fundraising Chair Sarah Zink 

Field Trips Chair Christina Blain

Mom's Night Out Chair Stephanie Schneider

Junior/Senior High Chair Vanessa Weets

Academy Days Co-Chair Hannah Broeckelman, Darah Harrison

Sports Chair Rachel Kitch

Website/Resource Library Chair Sarah Stoelting

Early Years Co-Chair Heather Lueth, Stepheni Hayes

Yearbook Committee Amber Rugan

Prayer & Care Chair Holly Frick

Special Needs Contact Rachel Kitch

If you desire to help in any of these areas of leadership or as a committee member, please contact the member listed or executive board members to share interest. 
Many hands make light work!

GBHE Arrows

Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one's youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in court. Psalms 127:4-5

Arrows are weapons they are made for a purpose they go in fast and quick and they get the job done. You have to be skillful to use an arrow, you need to train, you need practice to use an arrow. Arrows are some of the most feared weapons; they can get you up close or far away; they are very deadly.

Every opportunity we have against our opponents we are going to be arrows for the Lord in battle.