CARE of Maine


About Us

CARE of Maine (Collective for Autodidactic and Revolutionary Education of Maine) is a collective of unschooling and relaxed homeschooling families who are committed to respecting autonomy in ourselves and our family members while instilling personal freedom within our family's cultures in order to actively be available to care for and contribute to the community at large. We believe in indigenous and western science, civil liberties for all humans, and that all living beings have value on this earth. We understand that learning happens all the time and we are all life-long learners.

We are offering an ethical and accountable space to authentically express oneself within community. We will be structuring spaces for parent support, offerings for fun shops and classes, d&d and other gaming groups and clubs, talent shows, in-person meet ups when available, book and film clubs, and more.

Our hope is to build relationships and communities based on kindness, humility, forgiveness, and compassion. We believe unlearning and dismantling the structurally oppressive system of education and society at large is a fundamental life skill we could all strive to put to better use in our lives, no matter how much we are already bringing peace into this space.

With this in mind, we are committed to doing our imperfect best effort in mindfully unsettling and decolonizing education and presenting a space for traditionally uncentered social perspectives to thrive for future generations (along with ourselves and past generations) to experience healing. This includes, but is not limited to, humbly recognizing our own areas of implicit bias and practicing trauma-informed modalities of communication.

The Wabanaki Confederacy - The Dawnland

We acknowledge that all land in Maine is Wabanaki Confederacy Land. We recognize the sovereignty of tribes in Maine is still under attack and the Wabanaki Alliance has been organized to continue to fight for sovereignty rights for tribes here in Maine. We recognize we live on Indigenous land and that the present day First Nations people residing in Maine continue to fight for sovereignty rights.

We recognize that territory acknowledgements are only one small part of disrupting and dismantling colonial structures, that land acknowledgement is not land return, and as individuals we need to actively dismantle the system of oppression and cannot create true systemic change on our own.

From the Wabanaki Alliance website:
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