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Registration Fees


What are LHCC fees and how often do we pay them?


LHCC have registration and insurance fees:

Registration fees for new families are 25.00

Registration fees for returning families are 20.00

Insurance and Supply fees are 15.00 for the school year

Registration fees are paid each semester, insurance and supply fees are once per school calendar year.

*These are non-refundable fees

Tuition Payments


When do we pay tuition?


Tuition is due when you register and then at the beginning of every month.

For your convenience you can choose to pay the way you want:

1. You can pay all at once at the beginning of the semester.

2. You can pay monthly.


What is the process to pay for my classes? (How do I write the checks or handle cash payments)


The first Tuesday of every month tuition is due. There will be signs showing you where to turn in tuition.

Cash: Please use one envelope per class, write teacher's name, student's name, the class they are taking and amount on the envelope.

One envelope per class, so if you are signed up for 3 classes you need 3 envelopes. Please ask the board if you have any more questions.

Check: Please write class, students name on the memo line of the check. Write one check for each class. Each check should be written directly to the teacher. Anytime (other than Registration) if you have the same teacher for mulitple classes you may combine your checks.  Please write in the memo student(s) name(s) and classes. 

So, if you have 5 classes then you would write 5 checks. Please see the board if you have more questions.

The board members will record that you have paid then give each teacher the cash or checks.


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