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All About CHA

How do I become a member?

Click "Join" at the top of our homepage.  We will review your application and be in touch shortly!

Do you require a statement of faith?

No.  CHA is made up of many different people with many different faiths, affiliations, philosophies, and education styles.  CHA is an all-inclusive group.

What are the eligibility requirements for joining CHA?

We don’t have special requirements.  Parents who are currently homeschooling or interested in homeschooling can join.   We require that you fill out the application and send in your dues.

What are the benefits of joining CHA?

There are many benefits of joining CHA.  You get the support and camaraderie of fellow homeschoolers who you can socialize with and get valuable advice from.  Your children have ample opportunities to socialize with other children and to attend many fun and educational field trips.  We also have several themed parties throughout the year and festivals to showcase your children’s work.  Click here for more information on what CHA offers.

Are there minimum attendance requirements?

No.  Once you are a member you are free to participate in as many or as few events as you choose.  We often get feedback that there is so much to do that it is virtually impossible to attend everything.

How long is membership good for?

Memberships are annual and are renewed on June 1st of each year.

Do I get a membership card?

CHA offers membership cards which are accepted at many places for educator discounts.

How much does it cost to join CHA?

Dues are $30 per year.

Are there any other fees required to be a member of CHA?

Once you pay dues for the year, you are a member of CHA and eligible for all the benefits of membership.  However, some field trips and activities require additional fees or deposits to attend.  Most of our paid field trips are significantly discounted.

Will you homeschool my kids for me or suggest someone willing to?

No.  CHA is made up of individual families who concentrate on homeschooling their own children.  While we cannot homeschool someone else’s child nor recommend someone who will, we do offer support and activities to assist you in your homeschooling journey.  Get involved with the monthly field trips and check out our coop.

Can I join if I have a pre-schooler only, to make friends and meet people before starting to officially HS? 

We used to allow families with only preschoolers to join. Unfortunately, our group has grown so large that we’ve had to limit it to 300 families per year in order to keep things manageable for our volunteers. We have had to focus on our primary mission which is to support families who are homeschooling school-aged children. You are welcome to join if you are homeschooling a school-aged child.

As a non-homeschoolers, veteran homeschooler or business owner, may I join CHA? 

CHA is a support group for homeschooling families.   Our membership is open to families who are current or soon-to-be homeschoolers for the upcoming school year.

May I come to a park day or meeting before joining?

YES! Please email the President for more information. We do not publicly post event dates or times for the safety of our children.

If am not a member of your group can I post events or classes they may be interested in?

If you want to share info with our group (classes offered, field trip opportunities, etc.), please email the president for approval. She will then post your info to members via this website.

How does my child graduate? Is there a ceremony, or how do I get them a diploma?

Your child graduates by completing the recommended high school program. Diplomas and transcripts can be put together by the parents.  There are services, book, software programs, and websites to help with transcripts.  CHA offers a graduation ceremony each May.

What classes do I need for my child to be accepted into a college? 

This will vary somewhat by the college.   Most universities will have admission requirements on their website and your best bet is to look at the websites for any colleges your child is interested in and make sure to meet their requirements.

For public universities in Texas, it is recommended that private school students (which includes homeschoolers) complete the state’s Recommended High School program.  The requirements are updated by the legislature or TEA periodically, but can currently be found here:  http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/rules/tac/chapter074/ch074f.html

How often do you meet? 

We have monthly member meetings from September through May. In addition, we have regular field trips.  We have field trips geared toward the entire group and others targeted to specific age groups.

What kind of field trips do you do?

Our field trip coordinator works very hard to come up with exciting and educational field trips for the entire family.  We have a minimum of one field trip opportunity per month.  Additionally, we have field trip coordinators for preschool, elementary and teens who schedule monthly trips geared specifically to those age groups.

We always try to come up with new ideas and attend old favorites.  We typically try for a good mix of free and inexpensive trips to make it affordable for families to go to as many activities as possible.

Some of our past field trips include museums, performance arts, exploring nature and outdoors, factory tours, and tours of government facilities or historic sites.  Our party coordinator works hard to come up with amazingly fun themed parties for our members.

Please donate to our scholarship fund that goes to select CHA seniors!

What our members have to say.

“CHA is such an amazing group! I have made great friendships (for me and my kids), participated in some amazing field trips & activities and enjoyed being a part of things by volunteering on the CHA & Co-op Boards. I am definitely a better homeschool mom because of the knowledge & encouragement I’ve gotten from CHA!” ~Brenna T., Homeschooling 3 boys (8, 6, 3) for 3 years
“When we first started homeschooling, I was terrified my daughter wouldn’t have enough contact with other kids to be able to make lasting friendships. With CHA’s field trips and park days and parties, not only does she have many close friends, but I do, too. I can’t imagine what our lives would have been like without it.” ~Laura W.
“We have been members of CHA for over 7 years, and we absolutely love being a part of this great organization. There are so many people who have gone above and beyond to make this a great group. Field trips, festivals, ceremonies, park days, co-op, mother’s night out, family activities….the list of things CHA organizes for its members is incredible! With so many families coming together for the common cause of homeschooling our children, it’s no wonder we’ve made many new friends over the years. With the help of all members, CHA will surely continue to grow stronger and larger every year. Yay, CHA!!!” ~Charlene R., Homeschooling 2 kids ages 10 yrs and 7 yrs since 2005
“My favorite part of CHA is all the friends I have. I get to hang out with them all the time.” ~Landon, age 10
“It has made it a lot easier as a first time homeschooler. Great people — my kids love the group.”
“We have been part of this association for the last year and love it so much! It really gives us the feeling of small school fellowship that we crave while still getting to do our own thing! ” ~Tara P.