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Welcome to the St. Paul Institute!  We are a private, Catholic fine arts cooperative for grades 3-12. The St Paul Institute is beginning our 14th season of providing intelligent theater for the whole family, in line with our motto, To Virtue Through The Arts.  


  • New Families:  To register your child(ren) for our theater productions, please first request membership in our organization by clicking the "Join" link at the top of the page.  Thank you.  New families require an interview with the director, Lisa Irlbeck.  Contact her at randylisairlbeck@gmail.com.
  • Returning Families: You will need to update your registration form online and pay the annual registration fee prior to enrolling your children in productions.


Announcing the 2024 Spring Season!

Junior Shakespeare: The Merry Wives of Windsor

  • Directed by Ellis Sargeant
  • Open to grades 3-7
  • Tech week May 5-8; Performance dates May 9, 10, 11 at MainStage 222
  • Rehearsals begin February 23, 3:15-5pm
  • Auditions February 19 & 20th, 6-7 or 7-8pm (sign up forthcoming)
  • 32 roles, plus backstage crew

Senior Shakespeare: As You Like It

  • Directed by Catherine Morrel
  • Open to grades 8-12
  • Tech week June 2-5; Performance dates June 6, 7, 8 at Mainstage 222
  • Rehearsals begin March 1, 5:15-7/8 pm at the Irlbeck house
  • Auditions February 23 and 24th.
  • 29 Roles, 14 backstage

Senior Musical: Guys and Dolls

  • Directed by Nancy Bartke and Gracie Morris
  • Open to grades 8-12
  • Tech Week June 24-26; Performance dates June 27, 28, 29 at MainStage 222
  • Rehearsals begin February 23 at the Bartke House, 3:30-5pm
  • Auditions February 17th at the Bartke House

23-24 Tuition and Fees:

  • Registration, per family: $150 until August 5th, $200 after August 5th. $60 spring only
  • Tuition, per child, per production:
    • $100 1st Child
    • $75 2nd Child
    • $50 3rd Child
    • $35 4th or more children
  • Production Fees, per child, per production (10% cash discount):
    • $50 1st Child
    • $40 2nd Child
    • $35 3rd or more children
  • Other costs:
    • Costumes--SPI maintains and shares costume pieces but some or all will need to be provided by the family; most can be purchased at thrift stores but occasional items need to be purchased new.
    • Entry tickets to shows--$8/person; $32 family cap per performance; all non-actors pay admission.

Family Committment:

  • For each production, each family must work approximately 7-10 volunteer hours, depending on how many families sign up or opt out.  Parents have the option of paying a $100 opt out fee per production in lieu of volunteering.
  • We began a new policy last year with the older troupe, which will now apply to all shows, requiring students to be ‘off-book’ around midway through the practice period for every show.  This off-book status is demonstrated to Mrs Irlbeck during an “Italian run” of the show, at which point students will be marked as penalized  should they not fulfill their obligation.  This failure to fulfill the obligation they undertake by auditioning for a show will preclude them from auditioning for main roles in the following semester’s shows, and can also include losing the privilege of participating in the shows for an entire season.  We have worked with many children of varying ages and degrees of interest and capacity over the years, and I can say with confidence that if they have auditioned for a main role and been given one, they are truly capable of memorizing the lines of their character.  Doing so does require a decision on their part to put in the time and effort to achieve success, and to find the techniques and tricks that work for them.  


Jr. Summer Camp
June 17 - Monday
09:00 AM - 03:00 PM
Jr. Summer Camp
June 18 - Tuesday
09:00 AM - 03:00 PM
Jr. Summer Camp
June 19 - Wednesday
09:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Contact Us

St. Paul Institute Director/Coordinator: Lisa Irlbeck
(214) 783-8480