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**Announcement - We are currently accepting applications for the Spring 2019 session. To inquire about membership, please contact us at wchscblog@gmail.com. Please be sure to give us your name, town that you reside in, best phone number to contact you and ages of any children that may be applying for membership. A new family coordinator will reply to your email as soon as they are able.

Western Connecticut Homeschool Co-op (WCHSC) is a secular organization with the mission to offer enrichment and social activities for our homeschooled children. We meet one day a week as a community of teachers and learners. Our group is inclusive and we strive to create an environment that encourages kindness and respect.

The church that we meet each Tuesday, is conveniently located just off Route 202, only four miles north of New Milford's town center. With plenty of outdoor space, including grassy areas, a beautiful section of the East Aspetuck River, a basketball court and a picnic table area, our kids have wonderful opportunities for outdoor playing and learning and for simply hanging out together. The interior space includes a spacious central gathering area, a fully functional kitchen, used for cooking and/or other classes as well as a versatile mix of classrooms and even a few couches in our Quiet Room.

The WCHSC strives to offer a healthy balance of all manners of the arts, social opportunities and academics for kids from elementary through high school age (5-18). Current and past classes have include: Win it in a Minute, Co-op Newsletter, Fizz/Bubble/Flash Chemistry, Collage, Genetics, Art Smarts, Science Experiments, Escape the Room, Improv, Making Stop-Motion Movies, Baking with alternative/allergy-free ingredients, Minecraft/Roblox, Creative Writing, Upbeat Current Events, Gardening, Spanish Bingo, MIT Scratch, Outdoor Games, Flag Football, Basketball, Math Games, Our beautiful Co-op Yearbook, Cooking classes, Comic Book Creation, Origami, Book Clubs and more.

We meet one day a week, on Tuesdays, from September through late May. The year's calendar is divided into two separate sessions, autumn and spring. Our Spring 2019 session begins January 15th and runs through May 21st. We will be off on March 19th for break.

The day runs like this:  Period 1 (9:30-10:30 am), Period 2 (10:30 -11:30 am), lunch & recess (11:30-12:30), Period 3 (12:30 – 1:30 pm), and Period 4 (1:30-2:30 pm). During this time, your child(ren) may register for classes that are offered throughout the day or they may spend a free period at upstairs on a couch in the Quiet Zone or in the main hall partition at our Activity Station (games, legos/manatiles etc, arts & crafts).

We are required per our lease to clean the facility each week before departing. We use a rotation so that no one has to clean too much.

The Spring 2019 session is 18 weeks and the enrollment fee is $200 for your family. Students must be ages 5-18 to register for classes. Children turning 5 within the autumn session may also register.

WCHSC requires one adult from each family to help out during each Tuesday for the full day. Each adult is assigned a job for usually 3 out of the 4 periods for the session, either as a: teacher (if you offer a class), assistant, outdoor monitor, or Station monitor. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you and your children to meet many other homeschoolers and share ideas, resources and experiences.

To inquire about membership in our homeschool co-op, please contact our New Families Coordinators at