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Upcoming Events

Home School Graduation
May 14 - Saturday
02:00 PM

CC Tallahasse Parent Practicum
May 23 - Monday

CC Tallahasse Parent Practicum
May 24 - Tuesday

CC Tallahasse Parent Practicum
May 25 - Wednesday

Returning Student Registration Opens
February 7 - Tuesday

Welcome to Classical Conversations of Tallahassee

What is Classical Conversations?

Classical Conversations supports homeschooling parents by cultivating the love of learning through a Christian worldview in fellowship with other families. Our mission is "to know God and make Him known," and we believe there are three keys to a great education: Classical, Christian, and Community. 

Throughout the Big Bend area, there are numerous communities. Our local leadership team is here to serve parent educators who desire to be their child's primary teacher from pre-K through high school.

Want to learn more about Classical Conversations?

How does a homeschooling family decide whether Classical Conversations is the right fit for their family? First, pray for God’s wisdom and direction. Next, attend a CC information meeting or open house, and ask a lot of questions.   Make sure to visit the Classical Conversations website and consult with other parents. 

For some, Classical Conversations may be the answer to many homeschooling dilemmas. For others, another approach may be more appropriate. One of the beauties of homeschooling is the freedom to find the right educational fit for each family.

CC Tallahassee North @ Celebration Baptist Church

CC Tallahassee Midtown @ Saint Paul's United Methodist Church

CC Tallahassee Four Oaks @ Four Oaks Community Church

CC Tallahassee East @ Calvary Chapel

CC Tallahassee Fellowship @ Fellowship Presbyterian Church


Cathy Campbell, North director: cathycam@comcast.net, 850-893-5591
Elizabeth Lindsey, Midtown: elinz16@yahoo.com
Tina Ayers, Four Oaks:  tinawigman@yahoo.com

Caroline Silver, East: carolinesilver@gmail.com


Belinda Stephens, Challenge A @North: tbch@tds.com, 850-209-7665

Debbie Pittman, Challenge A @ Four Oaks: theprincessdeb@gmail.com, 850-575-4009

Betty Johnson, Challenge A @ Fellowship: Johnson.challengea@gmail.com

Bethany Barnard, Challenge B  @North: bethanydbarnard@gmail.com, 850-562-8413

Sharon Wright, Challenge B @ Four Oaks: gswright@rose.net,  229-403-4871
Jonathan Nicholson, Challenge 1 @North: JonDNicholson@gmail.com, 850-445-7090

Jo Hendricks, Challenge 1 @ Four Oaks: Tommynjo6@gmail.com

Danielle Kelley, Challenge 1 @ Fellowship:  daniellejoynerkelley@gmail.com, 850-459-6399

Janet Lehman, Challenge 2 @North:  jslehman870@gmail.com

Brandi Griffiss, Challenge 2 @ Four Oaks: mrsbrandicc@gmail.com, 850.544.6111
Carla Wilson, Challenge 3 @ North: carlavictoria62@gmail.com, 850-838-0546

Jim Lehman, Challenge 4 @ North: (850) 491-8565;  jal7413@gmail.com