Sacred Heart of Jesus Private School

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Private School was established in 1994 by a group of Catholic homeschooling families desiring fellowship and support for the unique needs of Catholic homeschoolers.  We are a non-traditional private school for students in grades 1 through 12, and enrollment is open to Catholic homeschoolers who reside in Lee County.  If you reside outside of Lee County, you may participate in most of our activities by joining our support group. 

Our School

  • Is recognized by the Florida Department of Education as a private parochial school.
  • Was founded as a Catholic institution; all of our members must be actively practicing their faith or in the process of converting to Catholicism.
  • Arranges student and family activities based upon the input of the families who are enrolled in our school.
  • Does not mandate a specific curriculum to be used by our students.  All families are free to choose the curriculum or teaching methods that best suit their child.
  • Does not accept federal or state funding of any kind.
  • Provides recommendations of certified teachers to perform annual portfolio reviews.
  • Provides standardized testing services, but does not require that these scores become part of your child's permanent record unless you choose to do so.
  • Carefully maintains all student records while they are enrolled in our school and after they have left or graduated.
  • Issues diplomas, helps prepare high school transcripts, and assists students in transitioning from high school to college, military service, vocational training or employment. 
  • Is recognized by Edison State College and Florida Virtual School. 

We have many experienced homeschooling families in our school, and along with the Board of Directors, we are here to offer guidance and support as you home educate your children.  Our goal is to be supportive without being intrusive. We maintain that it is the God-given right of parents to educate their children.