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Family Education for Christ August Kick-off Meeting

Family Education for Christ August Kick-off Meeting

Family Education for Christ
August Kick-off Meeting
August 21, 2018
First Freewill Baptist Church
5201 Skidaway Road, Savannah

6:00 PM Newcomers Meeting (Homeschooling and the Law; Getting Started)

6:00 PM Graduation Meeting

6:00- 7:00 PM Club and Activity Information: High School Group, Middle School Group, Speech and Debate Club, American Heritage Girls, Trail Life USA, Youth Theatre Ensemble, Yearbook, Coastal Hurricanes Athletic Association, and MORE!

7:00 PM Annual Kick-off Meeting
Keynote Speaker - Zan Tyler

Seven Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential
When you look at your children, what do you see? Do you see little people making constant demands on your time, or do you see what God sees—lives brimming with possibilities? Author and homeschool mother Zan Tyler wants to take you beyond the demands of everyday life to embrace a life-giving vision for your children’s future. You will learn to recognize the signs of potential in your children’s lives—signs that are easy to miss yet ripe for cultivation. You will begin to see every facet of each child’s life through the eyes of faith and the lens of Scripture. You will be inspired as you realize the crucial role you and your family play in shaping the identity and gifts of each child. The Master Gardener has given you powerful tools for cultivating your child’s potential; don’t miss this opportunity to discover what they are.

FEFC Registration

FEFC Registration

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Upcoming Events

Hurricane Basketball vs. Thomas Heyward
November 19 - Monday
04:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Join us for our monthly FEFC Skate Day!

Skate Day is open to FEFC members & to guests.

2018- 2019 Skate Days will begin in September 2018

Pass It On!

We want to WELCOME homeschooling or potential homeschool families to our FEFC support group page! Our goal is to develop relationships with each other and to provide a Christian environment for homeschooling families! We are very EXCITED about this opportunity that God has given us to SERVE with other families!!

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2018-2019 FEFC Meetings

3rd Tuesdays each month Sept-May (except Dec) at 7:00 pm
First Free Will Baptist Church, Savannah, GA

About Us

Family Education For Christ is a Christian home school support group serving Savannah, GA and the surrounding areas. We are comprised of families committed to God's admonition that we raise our children "in the discipline and instruction of the Lord" (Ephesians 6:4), and diligently and purposefully train them as exemplified in Deuteronomy 6:6-7.

FEFC supports the work of the local church and encourages families to be active and accountable in a body of believers. It is our intent and design that this group be neither a replacement for nor a hindrance to your own church commitment and involvement. For this reason, we stay single-minded in our function to serve as a tool for your homeschool, with our emphasis on providing meaningful educational and social experiences for you and your children. We strive to select activities that do not duplicate those which are generally considered to be the function of your local church.

The purpose of FEFC is to encourage member families to grow and thrive in their respective homeschool environments, and to facilitate their success by providing information and support services while upholding the biblical principles on which the association is founded.

According to the needs & interests of our families, activities include a wide range of categories (some constantly changing!) such as: Science Fair, Yearbook, Park Play, Speech & Debate Club, Sr. High Graduation, Skate Day, Trail Life, American Heritage Girls, Support Group Meetings, TeenPact, Curriculum Connection Book Fair, Theater Ensemble, High School: Group Activities / Student Council / Spring Dance, Middle School Group Activities, Field Trips, Ice Skating, Workshops, Kindergarten Graduation & more!

Blessings in your homeschooling journey!

The 2018-2019 Family Education for Christ Board of Officers

Cyndi Mullins - President
April Little - Vice President
Lisa Moore - Secretary
Charissa Love - Treasurer