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Risen Savior Classical Academy is a partnership between the instructors of RSCA and parents to provide children a classical Lutheran education. We strive to support parents in their God given duty to develop virtuous, Christian men and women of character, who recognize and seek truth, beauty, and goodness. Students of RSCA will learn how to study, how to learn, and how to think through study of the great books and great thinkers of the Western tradition. In a constantly changing world that has become more challenging to Christian principles and ideals, we endeavor to provide a community of like-minded families where faith and knowledge are nurtured.

The classical model of education is a historic model, consisting of the trivium and the quadrivium with an appreciation for the foundation of our Western civilization and Christian tradition that began with the Greeks, Romans, and Hebrews. The trivium encompasses the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages of understanding and the quadrivium emphasizes the study of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music.

Instructors are dedicated, spending much time and effort to prepare curriculum and further their own classical education. Most have students in the Academy. They are excited and passionate about classical education and welcome the opportunity to answer questions.

Subjects Overview, Criteria, Lists

Class level is determined by age and development level, not just grade alone. While ages are listed by each level, it is not a requirement. It more important that the student show readiness by meeting class criteria and effort in the class setting. We offer six levels of classes with a focus on mastery of subjects to progress to the next level.  

Curriculum Overview

Iota Class (ages ~5-6)

Alpha Class (ages ~6-7)

Beta Class (ages ~7-9)

Gamma Class (ages ~9-11)

Delta Class (ages ~11-14)

Omega Class (ages ~14-18)

Policies and Cost



$590 per semester per student enrolled

$70 registration per family

texts purchased by family; see lists by class

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What is classical education?
Short video from Memoria Press that addresses the goals RSCA is trying to accomplish.

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