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About Us

Alexandria Homeschool Art & Athletics (“AHAA”) is a non-profit organization established to serve home school families and students. The Board consists of volunteers who desire to accomplish the following Statement of Purpose: "The purpose of AHAA is to provide positive and constructive opportunities for the social, physical, and educational growth of home school students in the greater Alexandria area."
AHAA’s efforts include competitive team sports, recreational sports, educational classes, and  monthly sports days. Board members have purposed that the organization's activities and any publications will be consistently in line with our Christian beliefs which are to honor and glorify the Lord God. AHAA does not discriminate in its provision of services due to race or religion.


Storm is AHAA's team name.  We currently have competitve girls' varsity and junior varsity volleyball teams. They compete in the ACEL (Association of Christian Educators of Louisiana) league.  We are in the process of forming boys' competitive ultimate frisbee and basketball teams, as well as girls cheer.

"When you see clouds forming, a STORM is coming!"


Alexandria Connection for Education (A.C.E.) is AHAA's educational division that offers high school and junior high classes. These college prep classes have allowed families to outsource the more advanced subjects and earn high school credits while continuing to homeschool.  Classes run for fall and spring semesters. For more information on current classes, click on the Class Registration tab.

Sports Day

Sports Days are scheduled during the school year. Sports Day is open to all members ages 5 and up. This takes place at the Alexandria Rec Center from 1-3pm on the third Friday of each month (except December). We play team sports, and it is loads of fun! A favorite among all ages seems to be Ga-Ga Ball.