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JULY is enrollment month! Please make sure to renew your membership this month.
**On 8/01 accounts that have not been renewed will be parked.**

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What's In This Gumbo?

Welcome to Homeschool Gumbo!
Our gumbo is filled with lots of yummy goodies for you and your entire homeschooling family. We spread a wide net over a lot of different activities. Our homeschool families are spread out around Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi!

We are a team of families helping each other, having fun learning together, and making a difference in our community. Due to COVID19 virus this year 2020/2021 will look at LOT different. But we still have activities as much as possible.

Homeschool Gumbo is not associated with any specific religion; however, many of us hold Christian values and beliefs. This is not a requirement of our group. All we ask is for everyone to respect everyone else's moral code and to treat each other how we would like to be treated.

*There is a $25 fee, per school year, for the entire family to join.*

What's Happening Next!

Labor Day
September 7 - Monday
Patriot Day
September 11 - Friday
Nat'l Grandparents Day
September 13 - Sunday