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Upcoming Events

Student Council Meeting
September 10 - Thursday
06:30 PM - 08:00 PM

Art Time Both age groups
September 11 - Friday
01:30 PM

Theater practice
10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

New to High School Meeting    Sign Up
September 17 - Thursday
06:30 PM - 08:00 PM

Theater practice
10:00 AM - 01:00 PM



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NHEA Kick-Off was a blast! 

Thank you for attending, serving and for spending the day with us celebrating back-to-school as a homeschool community.

If you want the handouts from the folder or the power point, then look on the left tab under Kick-Off 2014-2015.  

The handouts were Volunteer opportunities and the Calendar @ A Glance.

What Now????

Mom Mentors are here to help.  Don't go it alone.  If you have questions about homeschooling, volunteering in NHEA, or how to get your kids plugged in please contact us.  Click the tabs on the left.

****All memberships run annually from June 1st of the year joined through May 31st the following year.  In other words, if you were a member for last school year (2014-2015) then your membership expired as of June 1st 2015 and if you're joining for this current school year (2015-2016) then your membership will expire June 1st 2016.

New members must Request Membership and Pay the annual membership dues of $40 to join NHEA.

Click the Request Membership tab at the top right of the screen. If you were a member of NHEA in the past, but not last year then you will complete a New Membership with this option at Request Membership because you are not in our new website system.

Complete the Application and make payment.

Once verified and approved you will will be able to log in and enjoy all the benefits of membership.


Renewing Members:  Steps to Renew your NHEA Membership for 2015-2016:

All members from 2014-2015 (memberships expired May 31st 2015) will go through an annual membership renewal process involving two steps:  

*Note:  If the website sends you an error message that says you can't log-in and that your are parked, then complete payment per instructions below.  Once your payment is verified by our treasurer you will be un-parked and then have access to update your profile. 

1.  Pay your membership fee of $40.  Grace period extends with no additional fees through August 31st, 2015 but you'll have no access to website or communication until you pay the renewal fee.  ($10 fee applies as of Sept. 1st, 2015.)

2.  Once payment is verified you will be able to LOG IN to the website. You will be directed to update your profile.  This will be your online renewal of membership and you will get to view, agree and mark appropriate boxes. Renewing members:  Do not complete a new registration!  Do not click Request Membership.  

All renewing members will go through this process on or after June 1st of each year.  The update to your profile will be done on the website and it is the "Edit My Profile" button at the top right bar.  You will read and agree to the Terms of Service, Volunteer requirement and Eligibility as well as update your contact and personal informaiton.  Note that all memberships expired May 31st and renewals can't be approved until full payment is received.  

You may pay your renewal fee starting now.  

Once your profile is edited and your payment is received you will resume your full membership privileges.  This is our first year going through the renewal process, therefore, please be patient with us and kindly let us know of any issues you experience.  Email Webmaster here.  

Payment instructions:

You can pay now via PayPal!  Preferred Payment method is PayPal via automatic bank draft.  (PayPal button below).  No extra fees will be incurred with this option and this helps us keep our costs low.  If you pay via PayPal credit card option please be aware this costs NHEA an additional $2 in processing your payment and, therefore, is discouraged.

Payment by check is accepted but not preferred.  If you must pay by check please note the address below to send your payment and make check payable to NHEA.  Please allow a minimum of 7-10 business days to process your payment and be given membership approval and access.  Payment by check takes extra time on the part of our Treasurer and we ask you to pay an additional $2 processing fee for this service.

Your check can be made payable to NHEA and mailed to:  NHEA Treasurer, Jennifer Bright, 174 Del Sol W, Covington, LA 70433

Convenience fee applies only to those using Credit Card with PayPal or paying by personal check.

Go to PayPal and pay accordingly.

$40 New Memberships

$50 Renewing membership past August 31st deadline

Add $2 Processing fee if applicable as outlined above.