We are more than just a support group...

Children gather around a globe. Four children look at an open book as one girl turns a page. The 12th is circled with the text Save the Date handwritten on a calendar. A group of four children smile and run in a grassy field. An open book rests on top of other books in what appears to be a library. A family look at the camera while lying on the grass while having a picnic.

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We invite you view the 2021 Homeschool Art Exhibit!

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Special Note to New Families

The purpose of our group is to support homeschool families who choose to homeschool regardless of the pandemic.  We acknowledge that homeschool is a lifestyle comprised of choices, needs, and preferences made by each homeschool family.  We seek to enhance the homeschool journey for those families.

We recognize the difficulties the pandemic has placed on public school families.  We welcome the opportunity to help families who are temporarily homeschooling, but we ask everyone to understand that we do not have all the answers or ideas that may help public school families in meeting public school requirements or expectations in this difficult time.

By joining, you are aware that Arundel Homeschoolers Support Group is not responsible for an individual family's homeschool curriculum, resource, or activity choices.  Please maintain communication with your county's homeschool office and/or your umbrella, co-op, or tutorial for specific information related to your homeschool journey.

If you are homeschooling for a short term period, you may find helpful information here from the Maryland Homeschool Association.

If you have questions about membership, please read about membership benefits and email Krystal with any quesitons.  All current familiy memberships will expire on July 31, 2021.  Membership enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year opens August 1, 2021.

Still Need Help?

President and Events: Melissa
Vice President: Kamika
Treasurer: Candice
Secretary: Krystal
Elementary and Holidays: Missy
Picnics, Learning Challenges, and Learning Differences: Diana
Robotics and Teens: Jessica
Robotics, Fundraising, and Social Media: Leslie