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The Friends Inspiring Real Education (FIRE) Homeschool Group is an educational support organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses families who, for various reasons, have decided to teach their children at home.

We are not owned or financed by the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization but are a group of families gathering together to support each other in an effort to impart an excellent education onto our children.

We use many different curriculums, have different aged children, and are from many different Jehovah’s Witnesses congregations from all over the Baltimore metropolitan area.

 The FIRE Homeschool Group offers the following educational activities and opportunities for wholesome association to our member families:

  • Classes taught by homeschool parents

  • Classes sponsored by FIRE but taught by qualified instructors

  • Field Trips

  • School Clubs

  • Annual Science Fair

  • Family Cook-outs

  • Group Field Service Days

  • Art Show

  • Talent Show

  • Full Dress Play

  • Year End Celebration

  • Graduation Ceremonies for elementary, middle, and high school

 These events are funded by modest annual dues and class fees, fundraisers, and donations from friends and family.

 The Friends Inspiring Real Education Homeschool Group has a federal tax I.D. or E.I.N. as an educational not for profit organization. However, we are not yet recognized as a charity or 501( c) ( 3) tax exempt organization. Any donations made to our group are not tax deductible.

 Contact: [email protected]