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2020-21 New Member Open House

Open houses:

CTK Homeschool Group will be having Open Houses for those interested in finding out about our program.  These open houses will be Thursday, February 13th and Thursday, February 27th. Sign up HERE.  We have both a Catholic, classical, co-op day as well as an elective day where we partner with Oxford Virtual Academy.  

New member information can be found by clicking on Signup Genius link to the left.  You are welcome to join our mailing list, located in the upper right hand corner, if you would like to be informed of future open houses or application periods.

We recommend you read through our mission statement, handbook, and other documents, located under the “Prospective members” tab on the left side bar. Many questions can be answered by reading these documents.

Two Days, Two Programs, Two Complementary Focuses.....

TUESDAY: Our partnership day with Oxford Virtual Academy (OVA)

CTK HSG Tuesday Program is a drop-off program with a wide range of elective classes where four classes may be for FREE for those who enroll as part time students with OVA (although people are always welcome to pay for the classes themselves and not enroll as part time students with OVA).  Surveys are done each year to determine what the new classes will be based on the needs and desires of members.  Tuesday classes are meant to complement and supplement our Thursday core classes, although members do NOT need to participate on Thursday in order to enroll on Tuesday.   Tuesday elective partnership classes are open to everyone, regardless of race or religion.  Currently, a small number of service jobs will be required of all members.

THURSDAY: Our Classical, Catholic, Co-op Day

CTK HSG Thursday Program is our co-op day. High School classes on Thursday focus on theology, history, literature, philosophy, art and music. Middle school classes prepare students for high school with excellent history and literature overview classes, as well as strong writing, logic and science courses.  Elementary classes are supplemental to what homeschooling parents are doing at home which engages students at every level from 4-year-olds up through 6th grade. CCD and Atrium programs are available in the afternoon as part of the co-op.


To raise our children to fulfill their Baptismal promises, in love with The Truth, and possessing the virtues and knowledge needed to live and spread The Gospel in a fallen world.

We are a community of Catholic families, faithful to the teaching our Holy Mother the Church.  Relying on the gifts of The Holy Spirit, the Church's understanding of the human person, and Her hard-won wisdom in educating children, we are working together to make our families domestic churches which form our children in the image of Christ and present Him to the world.


New member open house
February 27 - Thursday
10:00 AM - 11:45 AM
CTK HSG Play: Little Women
April 23 - Thursday
CTK HSG Play: Little Women
April 24 - Friday
CTK HSG Play: Little Women
April 25 - Saturday
Baccalaureate Mass
May 5 - Tuesday
06:00 AM