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Welcome to SCHE online!

Southmetro Christian Home Educators is a Christian homeschool cooperative that meets for active fun and fellowship in the Twin Cities South Metro area. While our focus is athletic activities and fellowship time, we also enjoy field trips, classes, social events, and service opportunities.

Four Christian families desiring support in their home schooling venture founded Scott County Home Educators (SCHE) in the fall of 1989. They had a weekly time for play with their kids, a monthly moms meeting, fieldtrips, and parties. Everyone contributed to the group in their area of interest and giftedness. In 2015, the group incorporated and received non-profit 501c3 status as Southmetro Christian Home Educators (still SCHE).  The new name reflects both our Christian values and our expanded region.  Over the years, the group has grown, but the vision has remained the same. We desire to be a place of friendship and support to Christian homeschooling families. We offer a loosely structured setting where demands are minimal, and all participants contribute.

Friday afternoon is the focus of our group. We meet from 1-3 PM for a time of play and fellowship. Most indoor activities (i.e. basketball, floor hockey) are held in a church gym, but we also utilize outdoor parks (softball, soccer, and football) and other facilities (bowling, sledding, skating, and skiing). Preschooler are cared for by their parents.

Gym Time (K-12th grade) is loosely structured, and although basic skills and rules for play will be introduced, we focus on play time, sportsmanship, and fellowship. This time is for our kids to encourage each other, play non-competitive team sports, and have fun. Students of all abilities are encouraged to participate. Parent volunteers supervise the sports with a minimum of two parents for each age group. Each age group has gym time for one hour plus an alternate hour activity each week.

Other activities depend on the interests of the group and the willingness of parents to volunteer. These events are held outside the regular Friday time period, so as to not interfere with either gym-time or alternate hour. Along with various fieldtrips and family events, we currently offer Yearbook, Service Over Self (SOS), Variety Night, Teen Dinner, Valleyfair Day, Box Tops For Education/other rewards programs, and God's World News magazine. In the past we have offered classes such as sewing, photography, cooking, speech, and choir(all run by the parents).

Field Trips are planned as interests arise. Volunteers coordinate and organize trips to various museums, theaters, concerts, and businesses. Families who participate pay any costs associated with fieldtrips.

Yearbook students produce a color yearbook highlighting the events of the entire year. 9th-12th graders take pictures and meet to work and socialize. Photos start right away in September with meetings throughout the year. Yearbooks are available for purchase in the spring.

Service Over Self (SOS) provides monthly opportunities for our 7th-12th graders to volunteer in service projects in the community.

Variety Night is a family event where the students are able to showcase their talents. It is true variety as students can perform a musical number or skit, recite poetry or scripture, display a project, etc. The possibilities are limitless!

Teen Dinner is a special dinner and evening just for our 7th-12th graders (usually in February).

Membership dues are set each spring. Dues cover the cost of gym rental, sports equipment,  group insurance, SCHE website and some event supplies.