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Are you a NEW or PIONEER homeschool family looking for a homeschool support group?  Please read our Mission Statement below, and if it sounds like something you and your family would like to participate in, we’d LOVE to have you join us!    

Fall Co-op Classes:

Nursery-Mrs. Sylvia Apgar

Preschool-Mrs. Geraline Holbrook and Mrs. Cassie Zaren-Preschool will consist of circle time, story time, arts and crafts, letter of the week, and playground time.

Elementary Kindergarten/1st grade-1st hour American History (Mrs. Tracie Marsh), 2nd hour Science-Explore and Learn About Animals (Mrs. Alison Petterson), and 3rd hour Art (Mrs. Tracy Ballard)

Elementary 2nd/3rd grade-1st hour Science-Explore and Learn About Animals (Mrs. Alison Petterson), 2nd hour Art (Mrs. Tracy Ballard), and 3rd hour American History (Mrs. Tracie Marsh)

Elementary 4th/5th grades- 1st hour choices: To Every Nation-Missionary Unit Study (Mrs. Makia Clark and Mrs. Christy Armstrong) or Civics: Tuttle Twins (Mrs. Tracy Ballard), 2nd hour choices: Read Aloud (Mrs. Rachel Loftin) or Photography (Mrs. Katie Church), and 3rd hour Science-Explore and Learn About Animals (Mrs. Alison Petterson)

Middle School

1st hour choices: General Science (Mrs. Rachel Loftin) or Photography (Mrs. Katie Church)

2nd hour choices: To Every Nation-Missionary Unit Study (Mrs. Christy Armstrong and Mrs. Makia Clark) or Mixed Media/Pottery (Mrs. Michelle Kilcoyne)

3rd hour choices: Drama (Mrs. Amber Seaman and Mrs. Rebecca Spicer) or Mapping the World by Heart (Mrs. Wanda Garren)

High School

1st hour-Choices: Pottery (Mrs. Michelle Kilcoyne), Pilgrim’s Progress Unit Study (Mrs. Leigh Owens), or Debate: The Art of Argument (Mrs. Wanda Garren_

2nd hour-Choices: Government (Mrs. Tracie Marsh) or To Every Nation-Missionary Unit Study (Mrs. Christy Armstrong and Mrs. Makia Clark)

3rd hour-Choices: Foundations in Personal Finance (Mrs. Youlanda Lewis), Drama (Mrs. Amber Seaman and Mrs. Rebecca Spicer), or Photography (Mrs. Katie Church)

Email [email protected] for more information.

A membership fee is required to join Seeds of Promise FSGThe fee is $45 per year .  Please see the side link for the membership fee schedule.  Your membership includes all annual events such as the International Day Fair, Baking Contest, Wax Museum, Art Fair, Father/Daughter Dance, Awards Ceremony and Talent Show, Family Feud Night, Science History Fair, organized field trips, community outreach opportunities, and quarterly meetings.

In addition, co-op classes will be offered at a discounted rate to Seeds of Promise FSG members.  Non-members are also welcome to join for an additional fee.  Classes are selected bi-yearly and based upon parent/student interest.

Membership for Seeds of Promise upcoming school year begins June 1, 2021.  


“Under His direction, the whole body is fitted together perfectly.  As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.”  ~Ephesians 4:16
Our motto and mission is “Uniting the Homeschool Body in Love, Life, and Learning.”  We seek to do this through: 
Seeds of Promise FSG is a non-profit, non-denominational, parent cooperative homeschool and family support group founded upon Judeo-Christian Biblical principles.
Through Biblical principles and perspectives; we seek to unite homeschool families and students and enhance their homeschooling experience of affordable, quality, fun-filled learning through group classes, activities, fellowship and participation.
Seeds of Promise FSG has a heart for homeschool families and ministry.  Our desire is to provide an outlet for each individual family and to counteract isolation through fellowship, events, and ministry opportunities.
We seek to glorify God and partner with homeschool families in promoting homeschooling through community service projects, and with the support of local church communities and businesses. 
Our mission is to encourage, support, and build up a community of Judeo-Christian homeschool families that will be an effective witness to local and adjoining communities in our area. 
*NOTE:  Our homeschool group is made up of many families from all walks in and around the area.  We support them in their homeschool and we respect their faith and beliefs. As a group, we respect and uphold our core beliefs.

Email us for more information:  [email protected]
Seeds of Promise FSG * PO Box 1734 * Lincolnton, NC 28093

"Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction." 
~ Anne Sullivan (Helen Keller's teacher)

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